Complete Machinery for Castor Oil Production Processing

Castor oil is a non-drying oil containing hydroxy acids. The content of ricinoleic acid accounts for about 87.1%-90.4% of the fatty acid composition. It is widely used in aviation, precision instruments, medicine, coatings, plasticizers, emulsifiers, insulating oils, textiles and tanning industries.

Castor Oil Made by High Quality Oil Pressing Machine
Castor Oil Made by High Quality Oil Press

 Complete Castor Oil Production Line

 Pretreatment-oil extraction-filtration-refining

Complete Machinery for Castor Oil Processing
Complete Machinery for Castor Oil Production Line

 The pretreatment of castor oil seeds includes the cleaning, peeling, drying, crushing, softening, and steaming of the oil.

1.Castor Oil cleaning 

 During the process of harvesting, drying, transporting and storing oil, some impurities such as sand, soil, stems and leaves and ironware will be mixed in. If not removed before production, it will be very unfavorable to the production process.

They are divided into three categories: inorganic impurities, organic impurities and oily impurities. 

  • ①Inorganic impurities  soil, sand, dust, metal, etc.
  • ②Organic impurities stems and leaves, ropes, husks and other seeds, etc.
  • ③oily impurities   immature grains, heterogeneous oils, damaged oils below the specified mesh, and diseased and insect pests.

2. Castor Oil Peeling

The process of removing impurities contained in the oil. For the cleaning process requirements, not only the impurity content in the oil must be limited, but also the oil content in the scraps obtained after cleaning must be specified. 

Oil peeling and kernel shell separation  Peeling requirements  
Shell content in kernel no more than 5%.
Impurity content in the shell (hand picking) no more than 4%

3.Castor Oil drying

 Refers to the process of dehydrating high-moisture oils to suitable moisture. Oil crops are harvested sometimes in the rainy season, so the moisture content is high. For safe storage, it is necessary to make it have suitable moisture. 

4. Crushed Castor Oil 

 The process of reducing the particle size of the oil using a crushing machine. The purpose of crushing is to change the particle size of large castor beans to facilitate rolling; for pre-pressed cakes, it is to make the cakes moderate in size and create good oil extraction conditions for leaching or second pressing. 

5. Castor Oil softening 

 Softening is to adjust the moisture and temperature of the oil to make it soft. Process to increase plasticity.    

 Press to make Castor Oil

 Screw oil press is an oil press that is driven by power and uses a screw shaft to continuously rotate in the pressing cage to squeeze the raw material to extract oil. The oil pressing workshop is used as a pre-pressing workshop, so a buffer cake warehouse can be set up between this workshop and the leaching workshop, so that the pre-pressing cake can be temporarily stacked when the leaching workshop fails. 

Oil Press for Castor Oil
Oil Press for Castor Oil
Castor Oil Press Workshop Project Report
Castor Oil Press Workshop Project Report

Castor Oil Filter

Another stage of pretreatment is the filtration stage. After filtration, the crude oil is refined or leached.

Castor Oil Refining Technology

The relative density of castor oil is very close to that of water, so washing after alkali refining is likely to cause two-phase stratification difficulties and easy formation of emulsification. The conventional batch refining process of castor oil is not easy to control, and the product quality is unstable. Technically, the mixed refining process is adopted to make the process production reasonable and stable.

Castor Oil Refining Working Video

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