Hot Sale Cooking Oil Extracting Machine for Workshop

So-called cooking oil extracting machine workshop is a series of oil production equipment connected to realize the continuous production at workshop, which is called workshop made cooking oil machine as well. It can extract variety oils, such as peanut oil, sesame oil, cotton seed oil, sunflower oil etc., reducing cooking oil cost in daily life. (Related artice:oil mill project cost)

Cooking Oil Extraction Machine for Workshop

Cooking Oil Extracting Machine for Sale

Cooking oil extraction machine for workshop is designed use physical mechanical pressing way to press oil out of from the oil seeds. And the mechanical cooking oil extracting machine usually suitable for various raw materials, such as, peanut, soybean, sunflower seed, cottonseeds, canola/rapeseed etc. and single machine produce 10-200 ton per day. (Read more:small oil mill project report)

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Technical Parameter of Oil Press

 Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Packing Dimension(mm)
200A-3 7-10 18.5 5000 2900*1850*3240
ZX24-3 18-24 30+5.5+3 5500 2900×1850×3640
YZY260 40-50 75 9000 3800*2320*3800
ZX283-3 40-60 55+15 9380 3708*1920*3843
ZX320-2 100-130 90+11+5.5 11500 4100*2270*3850
YZY290 150-220 135 14500 5100*2150*3900

HOT Sale cooking oil extracting machine workshop offered by cooking oil extraction for workshop manufacturer or supplier- Guide on process of cooking oil production and How to start cooking oil production business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

Why Choose Cooking Oil Extraction Machine for Workshop

  • Wide raw materials. Almost all oil seeds can be made into oil such as sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, palm kernel, soybeans, sesame seeds, peanuts, coconut, castor, rice bran, rapeseed/low mustard, corn germ, dried coconut, peanuts, tea seeds, etc.

  • Low cost. Cooking oil machine for workshop is with simple in structure, easy to install, operate and maintain, occuping small footprint and saving cost of resources and time.
  • High returns. Cooking oil extracting machine for workshop can help people in rural areas to buy finished oil at low price and also improve their economic standard of living by selling cooking oil to increase their profits. Also, it is a good choice for new investors who want to invest in the oil extraction industry.(Realetd article: cooking oil production business plan)

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Cooking Oil Extracting Machine in Production Plant

A complete oil extraction plant consists of the following components, including oil pre-treatment, extraction, leaching and refining; each component has its own unique function. However, with different oil seeds, the oil production process differs from the above processes. In groundnut oil extraction process, a shelling machine should be equipped to shell peanuts during the pretreatment process; to make cottonseed oil, another machine should be used for shelling and oil removal. Don't worry about that, we can customize cooking oil extracting machinery based on your oil  type and your actual needs.(Realetd article: cottonseed oil mill project cost)

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