Complete Cotton Seed Oil Processing Plant

Cotton Seed Products
Cotton Seed Products

Cotton Seed Products and Uses

The main downstream products of cotton seed are cotton husk, cotton linter, cotton seed oil, cotton oil cake

Product Theoretical Yield Actual Yield
Cotton Husk 27% 24~30%
Cotton Linter 10.5% 10~12%
Cotton Seed Oil 12.5% 9.5~14%
Cottonseed Oil Cake 48% (40% Protein) 42~51%
Total 98% 92~98%
  • Cotton Husk: can be used to make fungus medium, or to feed cattle and sheep
  • Cotton Linter: the product of cotton seed flaking, mainly used in chemical fiber industry, or used to make cotton yarn, cotton cloth and so on in cotton spinning industry
  • Cotton Seed Oil: the main product of cottonseed processing, mainly used for edible oil
  • Cottonseed Oil Cake: the product of cotton seed being extracted the residual oil and can be used as protein in feed production

The complete cotton processing plant has a series of process, including delintering, dehusking, oil pressing, solvent extraction for oil, oil refining and more. Now, it has been a popular for many investors or oil millers to start or expand their edible oil manufacturing business by setting up cotton seed oil processing plant. But, you may have a lot of questions about how to establish your own oil mill plant to process cotton seeds, among which cottonseed oil production process, cottonseed oil mill machinery and price, and complete cotton seed oil processing plant setup cost are the most important and relatively complicated. Fortunately, you are at the right place to get answers of all of these questions. (Read more: Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Plant Project Report >>)

Complete Cottonseed Oil Processing Machines

Just like other vegetable oil production, the choosing of cottonseed oil processing machines large depend on the specific oil production process you choose. So, it is better to have a simple understanding about cottonseed oil production process before the purchase of all the equipment.

Cottonseed Oil Pressing Plant
Cottonseed Oil Pressing Plant
Cottonseed Oil Solvent Extraction Plant
Cottonseed Oil Solvent Extraction Plant

There are two types of cottonseed oil production processes: mechanical oil pressing and solvent extraction. The process of producing cottonseed oil by mechanical oil pressing is to obtain cottonseed oil from cottonseed by mechanical squeezing. While, solvent extraction is a production process of extracting cottonseed oil from the treated cottonseed cake by the principle of solvent and oil dissolving. Here, the technical engineers of ABC machinery will show you the detailed process of cottonseed oil production process and help you to choose the most suitable cottonseed oil processing machines. (Related post: Mini Oil Mill Machinery Price>>)

Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Processes and Equipment

Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process
Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process

  • Cottonseed Oil Pressing Method

The technological process of producing cottonseed oil by pressing includes the following steps: cottonseed pretreatment, cottonseed oil pre-pressing and cottonseed oil pressing. The purpose of cottonseed pretreatment is to clean up the impurities in cottonseed, adjust the moisture, temperature and internal structure of cottonseed, so that cottonseed can reach the good state before being squeezed, and then improve the  cottonseed oil production efficiency. (Read more: Oil Mill Plant Cost >>)

Small Cotton Seed  Oil Processing Plant
Small Cotton Seed  Oil Processing Plant

The pre-treatment equipment used in cotton seed oil pressing plant for cottonseed includes cleaning equipment (magnetic separator, cleaning screen and destoner), sheller, shell separating screen, embryo flaking machine, steam frying pan or cooking machine, and a series of other equipment. Next, the cotton seed oil pressing machine are used to pre-press and press the treated cottonseed twice. The obtained cottonseed oil retains the natural flavor, and the nutritional components are not damaged. At this point, the process of producing cottonseed oil by pressing is over. (Related Equipment: Oil Press Machine >>)

Cottonseed Oil Processing Machines
Cottonseed Oil Processing Machines

  • Solvent Extraction Method

Similar to the pressing process, the cotton seed oil extraction plant using solvent extraction method also includes the pretreatment of cottonseed and the pre-press of cottonseed oil. The cottonseed pretreatment equipment adjusts the internal structure of cottonseed to a state suitable for solvent extraction. The crude cotton seed oil and cottonseed cake can be obtained after being processed by the cottonseed oil pre-press. The cottonseed cake is transported to the leaching workshop to further produce cottonseed oil. In the process of cottonseed oil extraction, the cottonseed cake and the solvent are contacted first, so that the oil in the cake and the solvent are fused to form a mixed oil. After the mixed oil is evaporated and stripping by the mixed oil treatment system, the solvent is vaporized and discharged to obtain cottonseed oil.

Cotton Oil Extraction Plant
Cotton Oil Extraction Plant

  • Cottonseed Oil Refining

Both the pressed cottonseed oil and the extracted cottonseed oil need to be transported to the oil refinery plant for further treatment. The purpose of cottonseed oil refining is to remove the gum soluble impurities, free fatty acid, pigment, peculiar smell and other impurities in cottonseed oil, so as to improve the stability and value of cottonseed oil. The basica cottonseed oil refining process includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. Cottonseed oil refining machine mainly has three types, bathc type, semi-countiuous type and continuous type. After refining, cottonseed oil meeting national standards can be obtained and sold on the market to obtain profit income. So far, the technological process of cottonseed oil production by solvent has also ended. (Related Project: Cottonseed Oil Refinery Plant in Afghanistan >>)

Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine
Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine

  • Cottonseed Oil Fractionation

The purpose of cottonseed oil fractionation is to separate the solid oil from the liquid oil in order to increase the clarity of cottonseed oil. If the cottonseed oil is kept clear for 5.5 hours in the environment below 0 ℃, no sediment will be produced, it shows that the separation effect is very good and meets the national standard.

There are similarities and obvious differences between the two cottonseed oil production processes, but there is no difference between them. It is only necessary to consider the quality of cottonseed, treatment capacity, market demand for refined oil, investment budget and other factors, and then select the appropriate production process of cottonseed oil production line. Different cottonseed oil production equipment can be selected and configured according to the budget cost in the same production process. All in all, ABC machinery can customize the right equipment for you to produce cottonseed oil. We can meet your every reasonable requirement to your satisfaction. If you need cottonseed oil processing machine, please contact us to get FREE quotation!

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