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Mustard oil extracted from mustard seed, which is also called rapeseed or canola seed. Its oil content reaches to 38%-40%. The mustard mainly locates in India, Canada, Pakistan, Nepal, UK and USA. We are one professional oil pressing machinery supplier, offering the turkey solution of mustard oil production for our customers. (See more: oil mill setup cost)

Mustard Oil Press Machines in Factory

Mustard Oil Press Machine for Sale

The key equipment of mustard oil production process is our hot sale screw oil press. Here is the parameter, you can choose it according to your requirements.

 Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/d) Weight(kg) Packing size(mm)
200A-3 18.5 7-10 5000 2900*1850*3240
ZX24-3 30+5.5+3 18-24 5500 2900×1850×3640
YZY260 75 40-50 9000 3800*2320*3800
ZX283-3 55+15 40-60 9380 3708*1920*3843
ZX320-2 90+11+5.5 100-130 11500 4100*2270*3850
YZY290 135 150-220 14500 5100*2150*3900

Buy mustard oil press machine factory from oil press machine manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of mustard oil production process and business plan to set up mustard oil press machine project in Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, etc., at low cost. (Read more: cottonseed oil manufacturing plant project report)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Main Process of Mustard Oil Press Machine Factory

  • Mustard seeds pretreatment. Mustard seeds are the raw materials of making mustard oil. The first step of making mustard oil is to get high quality mustard seeds. The common steps are cleaning, drying, and cooking the mustard seeds. All the steps are to increase the mustard oil production yield. (Rlated article: mustard oil mill setup cost)

  • Pressing mustard oil. The mustard seeds are sent to the screw type oil press machine. The screw oil press machine directly press the mustard oil out from the seeds without any chemical additions. The pressed mustard oil contains some free fatty acid etc. called as crude oil which needs to be refined then for sale.

  • Mustard oil refining. Refining process is to increase the quality of mustard oil through a series of steps including degumming, deacidification, deodorization and decoloration. There are special equipment called oil refinery plant for refining the mustard oil.

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Key Factors to Setup Mustard Oil Press Machine Factory

The cost is the most important factor for setting up the mustard oil press machine line. So, you need to know about the cost first. Usually, the mustard oil production cost contains land cost, factory building cost, mustard oil making equipment cost, labor cost, energy consumption cost etc. (Related article: oil mill project cost in pakistan)

  • Land cost. You can rent or buy the land to build your mustard oil press machine plant, which is decided by your budget. But, the price of renting and buying land is not the same. If you have ready-made land, that will be better.

  • Building cost. It mainly means the cost of building the workshop, which is decided by the scale and production capacity of the mustard oil press machine factory you are going to setup. (Rlated article: mustard oil business plan)

  • Mustard oil making equipment cost. It refers to the price of mustard oil press machines. When you choosing the equipment manufacturers or suppliers, you should pay more attention to the brand, the history, the strength, the experience and the after-sale service.

  • Labor cost. If you want rich-experienced labors, the cost may be high. (See more: how to make sunflower oil at home)

  • Energy consumption cost. Energy consumption mainly includes the water and electric consumption.

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