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To know the differences between small oil press and large oil press, let’s take YZS-130 and 200A for example.

Comparison of 2 types of screw oil presses:

  1. The YZS-130 oil press machine takes pressing ring design. While 200A is equipped with the pressing bars.

  2. The power consumption of YZS-130 oil press is high. YZS-130 oil press machine (9-12TPD): power: 15KW. 200A oil press machine (7-10TPD): 18.5KW. But for hard oilseeds, the performance of the 200A is obviously better than YZS-130.

  3. The 200A oil press machine extract oil more smoothly and stable than YZS-130. 200A oil press is not easy to occur blocking and more resilient for the oilseeds range.

  4. The spare parts of YZS-130 oil press need to be changed in short time. Normally after 200T--300T the spare parts need to be changed. But the large oil press type can deal with more than 300T.

  5. The YZS-130 oil press machine does not have cooking & insulation equipment, so raw material temperature is hard to preserve, which will affect the oil out-put. While 200A screw oil press has one cooking & insulation equipment on top of the oil expeller to keep the stable oil yield and smooth oil output.

  6. But small oil press has many obvious advantages, such as low cost, less place needed, and convenient operation. it also can work perfectly without the steam and the large material loaded equipments, which is suitable for home producing. Large oil press has relatively higher price but is suitable for large scale oil production.

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