Peanut Oil Mill Machine

Peanut Oil Mill Machine is a kind of grinding machine which squeezes the peanuts to draw out the oil present in them. They are available in different designs and in multiple configurations. The best part is the efficiency of the machine which is so much in all the machines. Depending on the sharpness of the blades, the machines cut and extract the oil from the seeds. There is a process of extracting the oil from the seeds which involve following methods: pressing, solvent extraction, aqueous extraction and the enzymatic method. The pressing method is the most common one and used widely. (Read more about peanut oil processing method>>.)

make peanut into oil

Talking about the processing methods, there are two variations in it which are: Hot pressing, Cold pressing. The hot pressing method is the most traditional and widely used process where the peanut seeds are fried and pressed into oil. Sometimes the temperature is above 120 degrees and in that situation, the oil produced is of the best quality and perfect density. The biggest disadvantage of this process is that the protein and other nutrients are denatured because of high steaming and frying. A major part of nutrients is lost in this process.

On the other hand, cold pressing is the process where the pressing is done below the temperature of 60 degrees. Generally, before pressing the seeds, their red cover is removed to save the nutrients from getting denatured. The process of extracting the oil in detail: First of all the groundnuts/peanuts are first shelled and then cleaned by many different methods. This is done to remove the external particles such as vines, stems, and leaves from a lot of seeds. Then comes the step of roasting and the crushing the seeds which have been cleared earlier. They are crushed very well under high temperature. After this step, these crushed seeds are pressed by oil expellers to squeeze out the peanut oil from them. This EXTRacted oil has many impurities and has to be cleaned and this is the step which takes a long time. The crude oil is sent to the oil refinery plant where the oil is sent for the further processing. It’s done on a large scale in oil refinery but the user can actually employ an oil filter to press and filtrate the oil.


Who need peanut oil mill machine?

The customers of peanut oil extracting machines generally include the local shopkeepers who extract the oil on their own and sell it themselves. Also, the people who own refineries also look forward to this product. Farmers who don’t want their money to be commissioned at all the stages, buy this machine as a one-time investment and then use it for themselves to extract the oil and sell it on the market.

Peanut oil extracting machine acted as a boon for the merchants who used heavy stones and historical machines to extract the oil. It was a tedious task which h got easier and efficient enough to make the oil completely edible. These machines have been a great source of income since the invention.

Peanut oil extracting machine is an affordable piece of machinery which has created many career options for the people and made them equipped enough to avoid the extra manpower and energy in extracting the oil from the seeds. The machines are popular because of the easy extracting processes.

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