100TPD soybean oil plant in zambia

This is a 100tpd soybean oil plant in Zambia designed and installed by ABC Machinery. It was begun building in 2010, and finished in 2011. It includes storage silo and oil mill plant, as well as a 10t/h feed pellet plant.
The soybean oil mill plant is composed by soybean preatment, soybean oil extration, soybean oil refining and oil packaging.

100tpd soybean oil mill plant in zambia

zambia soybean oil plant overview

Soybean Preatment (100tpd preatment)
soybean preatment

Soybean extrusion machine
soybean extrusion machine

Soybean oil extraction workshop (100tpd, output is 20tpd since soybean oil content is 20%)
soybean oil extraction workshop

Soybean oil refining workshop (20tpd, semi-continuous oil refinery)
soybean oil refining workshop

miscella tank and crude oil tank                                     Thermal oil furnace
miscella tank and crude oil tank  thermal oil furnace
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