10tpd palm oil refinery processing line

On 2014, Sep, Cote d'Ivoire customer ordered 10TPD palm oil fractionation processing line.

This 10TPD palm oil fractionation line adopts dry fractionation technology, which is one oil refinery process. The whole process is controlled by full-automatic PLC. The crystallization process of palm oil is controlled by controlling the temperature of cooling water in the coil or jacket of the crystallization tank. The temperature control of cooling water is completed by temperature sensor, temperature controller based on PLC and control valve with positioner. The temperature curve of cooling water and the crystallization temperature curve of palm oil can be observed intuitively from the computer display interface, so as to ensure the smooth and steady decline of the curve and obtain the ideal crystallization curve.

The process is simple, easy to operate, low steam consumption, no environmental pollution, and satisfactory separation results can be obtained.

10tpd palm oil refinery line

palm oil refining

refined palm oil
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