Zimbabwean President Visit to 30TPD Soybean Oil Processing Plant Project

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Recently, the President of Zimbabwe visited the famous local soybean oil processing plant, and he not only praised its latest development and infrastructure, but also recognized the positive impact of the soybean oil production project on the surrounding economy.
It is worth mentioning that ABC Machinery played a pivotal role in assisting and actively participating in every stage of the soybean oil plant, from blueprint design and factory layout to equipment selection and installation debugging.

  •   Project Name: 30ton/day soybean oil press plant & 3tpd oil refinery plant in Zimbabwe

  •   Purpose to Start this Soybean Oil Business:  Primarily serving the University of Zimbabwe, with the President as the first investor, and supported by the Ministry of Education, it aims to increase employment opportunities at the University and promote economic development in the surrounding areas.

  •   Installation Time: June to July, 2023

Zimbabwean President Inspects Soybean Oil Production Plant
Zimbabwean President Inspects Soybean Oil Plant
Soybean Oil Processing Plant Established to Cooperate with us
Soya Oil Mill Established to Cooperate with ABC Machinery

ABC Machinery are committed to providing comprehensive support and services to ensure the smooth operation of your refined edible oil production facility, achieving excellent production efficiency.  Contact us, and we'll tailor a business plan to meet your unique circumstances and needs!

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On-site Intallatation Photos: Setup Edible Oil Processing Plant in Zimbabwe

Here are some on-site photos taken during the 30 t/d soya oil manufacturing project installation process. No matter if you are involved in the soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, palm oil, corn oil, or any other edible oil sector, ABC Machinery stands ready to offer assistance at any time!

30 TPD Soybean Oil Manufacturing Factory Design
Soybean Oil Manufacturing Plant Design
Soya Pre-treatment & Pre-pressing Equipment Installation
Soybean Pre-treatment & Pre-pressing Machines 
30 TPD Soya Oil Pressing Production Line Installation
30Tpd Soya Oil Pressing Production Line Installation
3 ton per day soybean oil refining line in Zimabwe
3 Ton Per Day soybean oil refining line

Procedures & Equipment Show: Complete Soybean Oil Processing Line in Zimbabwe 

The production of refined soybean oil includes a series of processes from pre-treatment to storage of refined soybean oil. Soybeans are processed into oil after being cleaned, squeezed,extrtuded and extracted in a soybean oil press (screw oil press machines). Different technologies and machines are used at each stage of the soybean oil extraction plant. The refined soybean oil is popularly exported as a healthy cooking oil. The soybean oil production process is described in detail below:

1.Soybean Puffing Pretreatment Process

Soybean Crushing and Extruding Machines in Pre-treatment Process

Soybean Crushing and Extruding Machines in Pre-treatment Process

  • Screening & cleaning of soybean impurities: the raw material passes through an elevator into a cleaning screen, where large impurities are removed.

  • Soybean crushing: the material enters the crusher through the screw conveyor, where the soybeans are crushed into pieces.

  • High Temperature Expanded Soybean: After crushing, the material is conveyed to the extruder by screw conveyor. The working temperature of the extruder is higher than 120 degrees to ensure that the soybeans are thoroughly matured.

2. Soybean Oil Pressing Process

30tpd Soybean Oil Press Plant in Zimbabwe
30TPD Soybean Oil Press Plant in Zimbabwe

  • Pressed soybean oil & oil cake collection: The pre-treated expanded soybeans are redistributed to the three edible oil screw presses. After passing through the presses, the soybean gross oil is collected in the tanks, while the oil cake is transported to the ground by the screw conveyor and collected manually for secondary pressing and as animal feed material.

  • Crude soybean oil filtration: The oil entering the tank is pumped into the frame filter, and the filtered oil flows into the temporary storage tank.

3. Soybean Oil Refining Process

3 TPD Soybean Oil Refining Plant Setup in Zimbawbe

3 TPD Soybean Oil Refinery Setup in Zimbawbe

The soybean oil in the temporary storage tank is pumped into the refining kettle.

  • Acid and Alkali Neutralization: in the refining kettle, the oil is mixed with appropriate alkali solution to precipitate the soap base.

  • Degumming: Then the soap solution is discharged and hot water is added to wash and precipitate the impurities.

  • Decolorization: the washed oil enters the bleaching kettle, where appropriate amount of bleaching earth is added for high temperature decolorization.

  • Soybean oil filtration: soybean oil enters the leaf filter for filtration through oil pump.

  • High-temperature deodorization: the filtered oil enters the temporary storage tank, and then pumped into the deodorization kettle, where high-temperature deodorization is carried out.

The deodorized oil is pumped through the belt filter into the finished oil tank and then into the filling machine for packaging.

4. Finished Soybean Filling Process

Automatic Soybean Oil Filling,Capping,Labeling and Packing Line

Automatic Soybean Oil Packing Line for Edible Oil

  • Edible oil automatic filling and packaging production line process & equipment: 2heads oil filling machine→cap lifting machine→capping machine→labeling machine→printing machine→carton packing machine

  • Capacity range: The oil filling line of the Zimbabwe project is an automatic packaging line for edible oil. It is suitable for bottled edible oil from 1L to 5L. It can pack 500 liters of oil per hour and only requires two workers to operate. It is a very economical , efficient investment.

  • Equipment Featured: The oil filling part uses the PLC control, clients only input the target filling data in the system, then start the button, it will start automatic filling.

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Expansion Guidance: How to Start a Soybean Oil Processing Plant?

Establishing a soybean oil processing plant is a complex task that requires a lot of manpower and material resources, as well as a thorough understanding of the refined soybean oil production process and soybean oil production equipment. Here are some factors to consider: 

  •    Obtain the Necessary Permits and Approvals to Build the Plant

Work with the local government and relevant authorities to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals to ensure that the soybean processing plant operates legally. The soybean oil production project in Zimbabwe is one example of obtaining strong support from the President and the Ministry of Education.

  •    Selection of A Suitable Processing Plant Location

The location of the soybean oil processing plant should be close to the soybean growing site to facilitate access to fresh soybeans and reduce transportation time and costs.

  •    Professional Soybean Oil Processing Plant Design & Business Plan

Invite professionals to design the soybean oil processing and plant layout to improve efficiency and employee safety, and to ensure that soybeans are stored safely and without contamination. And starting a business plan for soybean oil production is a vital thing for the subsequent progress and capital investment of the project. Read about: Start a Soybean Oil Production Project Business Plan>>>>

  •    Choosing the Reliable Soybean Oil Production Equipment Supplier

Reliable soybean oil processing equipment manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the quality and performance of the equipment meet the production requirements. And you need to maintain long-term and effective communication to customize the most suitable equipment for your project.

ABC Machinery is a manufacturer and supplier of edible oil production equipment with more than 20 years' experience, we have established long term strategic cooperation and deep bilateral trade with many countries, and we have provided many professional process guidance as well as patient after-sales service in the production of soybean oil processing line in Zimbabwe, which is highly recognized by our customers.
We will continue to dedicate itself to providing high-quality edible oil processing equipment and is willing to contribute to the development of the edible oil industry in more countries and regions. 


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