50 Ton/D Fish Oil Solvent Extraction Line in Pakistan

The client's raw material is fish bone meal. First, it is granulated by a pellet mill, and then it enters the oil extraction tank. After 20 to 30 minutes of solvent extraction, the mixed oil is pumped into the temporary storage tank of mixed oil. After that, the solvent is evaporated through the evaporator and stripper, and the solvent is condensated into the diversion box; the solvent return to the solvent turnover tank from the diversion box. The crude oil flows from the bottom of the stripper to the crude oil metering cabinet, and then delivered through the pipeline into the refining workshop. The oil is extracted in every extraction tank four times. After four times, steam is used to evaporate the solvent in the meal. The solvent enters the evaporation decondensator, then into the water distribution tank, and then into the solvent turnover tank. When the leaching tank evaporates to about 13℃, the discharge outlet at the bottom of the leaching tank is opened, and the meal is transferred to the stockpile area through a scraper. At this point, a circulation is completed, the solvent is recovered, the crude oil is extracted, and the meal is stored in a designated location.

50TPD fish oil extraction line
50TPD fish oil extraction line in Pakistan

50TPD fish oil extraction production line
pellet mill in fish oil extraction line in Pakistan

solvent oil extractor

Fish Oil Extraction Line Installation Site Situations

  1. The raw material fishbone meal contains 5-6% of water and 12-15% of oil. At first, after pelletizing machine, the pellets are not well formed, loose and fragile. By adding solvent, they can easily block at the bottom of the extraction tank, so the mixed oil cannot be discharged from the bottom. After adjusting the moisture content of raw materials to 10-11%, the pellet forming is good and the extraction of oil is successful.
  2. Shoot the video of the test machine on site, train the customer's operation process, and finally recycle the solvent to the solvent library.
  3. At present, the water content of the crude oil obtained by extraction is high, and the moisture content will decrease after heat preservation, and the evaporation and evaporation will be faster and more thorough, so that the quality of crude fish oil will be better.

fish meal
crushed fish meal
fish oil after extracted
crude fish oil
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