10T Soybean Oil Press Processing Line in Benin

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Soybean oil made by hot sale oil press processing machine
Soybean Oil Made By Hot Sale Oil Press Processing Machine

  • Country: Benin

  • Capacity: 10 Tons Per Day

  • Raw Material: Soybean Oil Processing Line

  • Final Products: Refined Edible Soybean Oil

  • Main Equipment: Soybeans Cooking Machine, Soybeans Oil Pressing Machine, Soybeans Oil Filter Machine, Soybeans Oil Refining Machine,  Oil storage tank etc..

Recently, a customer in Benin purchased a 10T oil press production line from ABC Machinery. The customer owns a chicken farm and plans to buy a feed pellet machine from China. At the same time, he considers buying our soybean oil pressing equipment. On the one hand, soybean cake lees are used as raw materials for feed, and on the other hand, soybeans are pressed into soybean oil products for sale. Soybean oil press and extraction line is the equipment of choice for consumers. With the improvement of modern people’s requirements for quality of life and healthy eating have also received people’s attention. The use of reassuring machinery and equipment to produce safe and healthy edible oil is everyone’s wish.

Complete 10T Soybean Pressing Production Line

10TPD of Soybean Oil Production Plant
10TPD of Soybean Oil Production Plant
10TPD Oil Pressing Production Line
10TPD Oil Pressing Production Line

The picture above is a diagram of a 10T soybean oil press production line. The main equipment mentioned includes Cleaning Sieve , Cooker Oil Press ,Integrated oil press, plate oil filter and conveyor.

If you are interested in starting a soybean oil pressing business, consider to know more about these projects, or need some advice on equipment selection, plant design and cost estimation, do not hesitate to contact us! We are always here to help you!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Tips on Buying Oil Pressing Equipment

Soybean Oil Pressing Equipment Sales
Soybean Oil Pressing Equipment Sales
High Quality Oil Press Manufacturer
High Quality Oil Press Manufacturer

Customers can choose a complete mechanical production line for soybean oil processing from pretreatment to refinery according to actual production needs, such as capacity, processing technology, final product standards, etc. Therefore, finding a reliable manufacturer and supplier will save you effort and cost. ABC Machinery has always provided customers with high-quality processing equipment, competitive prices and comprehensive services to meet the requirements of each customer and established an efficient oil production line.

Why choose ABC Machinery to buy Equipment?

ABC Machinery Staff On-site Teaching Installation and Use
ABC Machinery Staff On-site Teaching Installation and Use
  • 1. ABC Machinery is a foreign trade company integrating machinery production and sales with strong technical force, excellent product quality and advanced processing equipment.
  • 2. There are high-quality employees, a scientific and rigorous management team, all kinds of senior talents in mechanical design and manufacturing, and a strict quality assurance and after-sales service system.
  • 3. Elaborately build a soybean oil press suitable for customer needs. Since its launch on the market, it has won the vast market with high oil yield, low noise, excellent quality and follow-up after-sales service, and has been well-known by entrepreneurs.

ABC Machinery has also won the appreciation of foreign customers with its high-quality products and sincere service. Its products are exported to Russia, India, the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia and other countries and regions. If there are any questions about setting up a small oil press production line price and quote, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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