Starting 20 Ton Per Day Palm Oil Refining Processes in Nigeria

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Manufacturing high quality and cost effective edible oil refining machine to help customers solve their needs for oil & grain processing is always our goal.
Recently, a client in Nigeria, has shipped a 20TPD palm kernel oil refining line from ABC Machinery to its destination. Our dear customer, an agricultural equipment supplier, bought the line to set up a palm kernel oil refinery to develop the full market potential of the local palm oil refining business.

Business Potential for Investing A Plam Oil Refinery
Business Potential for Investing A Plam Oil Refinery

Project Display: 20 Ton / Day Palm Oil Refining Production Processing in Nigeria 

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Best Palm Oil Refinery Process Working Video by ABC Machinery

How to make edible palm oil or palm kernel oil? – buy high quality oil refining machinery for palm oil making: HOT sale palm oil refinery offered palm oil processing machine manufacturer or supplier, guide on process of edible palm oil production and how to start palm oil making business with limited cost Nigeria, Moldavia, Brazial, Jamaica,Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal etc..

Working Principle of the Palm Oil Refining Production Line

Pre-treatment st​age of  Palm Oil Production Processing

  • ► Palm fruit harvesting is the first step to processing palm oil.After harvesting,the fruits are sterilized and softened to prepare them for oil extraction from their pulp.

  • ► The first step in the refining process is to separate the palm fruit into its various components such as kernels(nuts), fibers,shells,and waste material that are used for other purposes such as livestock feed or fuel production.

  • ► The next step is to remove the oil from the fruit pulp by pressing it using mechanical presses,which squeeze out most of the plant fats.The remaining material is press cake which has a high protein content that you can use in animal feed or fertilizer production.At the same time, some parts can be recycled back into palm plantations as organic fertilizers or soil conditioners, depending on which country you intend to sell to.

The pretreatment stage mentioned above is the pressing of palm fruit to obtain the crude palm oil. The gross palm oil refining reaches the standard of edible oil by removing impurities. The main processes of palm oil refining are: gross oil, deacidification and degumming, decolorization, cooling and filtration. Related Post: Hot Sale Oil Pressing Machine at Cheap Price

Complete Palm Oil Refining Processes Step-by-step

Crude Oil→ Degumming→ Neutralization→ Bleaching→ Deodorization(optional)→ Fractionation→Finished Palm Oil

Brief description of 4 palm oil refining steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Put the crude oil into the refining tank, stirring quickly while heating with steam.
  • Step 2: Add water to warm up, which is the most important stage of hydrolysis and degumming, to master the amount, temperature and speed of adding water. At the same time, add alkali to take off free fatty acid.
  • Step 3: Add the quantitative decolorizing agent (activated white clay, activated carbon) into the decolorizing tank and continue to stir to warm up, then pump the mixture of oil and white clay into the filter to filter, that is, to complete the decolorization.
  • Step 4: The decolorized palm oil is fed into the deodorized oil tank and the smell is removed using a steam generator.

After these steps are completed, the palm oil is left to cool in the original tanks and when the temperature drops to 80 degrees, they can be transported to storage tanks, thus obtaining the refined palm oil. Then, your palm oil refinery will produce an edible palm oil product with low free fatty acid levels suitable for human consumption. It will also contain antioxidants such as beta-carotene, which also makes it healthy!

To be successful in purchasing cost-effective palm oil refining equipment, you should learn more about setting up a palm oil refinery to conduct palm oil refining operations. ABC Machinery is one professional manufacturer and supplier of factory price edible oil making machines and best service from process design to after sale service. Welcome to contact us for more details about oil pressing & refining machines and getting free quotations!

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Business Investment | Start A Palm Oil Refining Business Costs

Starting a palm oil refinery business in Nigeria is not as difficult as you might think.The primary step is to find an investor who will provide the money needed for start-up costs. (Read More: How Much Does It Cost to Build a Medium-sized Palm Oil Refinery?)

  • 1. Palm fruit costs

In order to reduce the cost of raw materials and the cost of transporting them mid-harvest, it is a wise choice to locate your palm oil refinery near a palm plantation.

  • 2. Palm oil processing machinery costs

The process of refining raw palm oil into refined products requires the purchase of equipment such as filters, refining tanks, deodorization tanks, and decolorization tanks. You can expect to invest US$20,000 to US$30,000 for a small-scale palm oil production plant business. (TIPS: $20,000 to $30,000 is required for small-scale palm oil production of 5 to 10 tons per day.)

  • 3. Palm oil processing plant operating costs, labor costs, energy consumption costs

The process of refining palm oil products can be done manually or automatically with machines. However, the more automated the refining equipment for edible oil is, the lower the labor cost required will be.

If you want to know the detailed palm oil pressing & refining machinery price and parameters, please contact us directly!

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