How to Extract Protein from Soybean

Soybeans are the main source of plant-based protein and have a long history in the world. In addition, soybeans are high in protein content and rich in nutrients, generally containing 30%-50% protein. Therefore, the establishment of a soy protein extraction plant is a profitable thing. However, the separation and extraction of soybean protein has always been a hot and difficult point in the deep processing of soybeans. In order to apply soy protein to a variety of foods, the core problem is to use protein modification technology to produce soy protein with different functional properties, which can be used in the processing and production of dairy products, edible noodle products, and ice cream.

How to build a soy protein extraction plant
How to start a soy protein extraction plant

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Methods of extracting soy protein

Soy Protein Isolate (SPI) is a kind of full-priced protein food additive, and the raw material is soybean meal that is soluble at low temperature. 

  •  Acid precipitation and alkali extraction

This is a traditional separation and extraction method. This method uses the characteristic of precipitation of most proteins in soybeans at the isoelectric point and separates them from other components. The precipitated protein is dissolved after adjusting the PH, so it is called acid precipitation and alkali extraction. The disadvantages of acid precipitation and alkali extraction are: acid consumption, large alkali consumption, high waste water treatment costs, and low product yield. The separation and extraction method needs to be improved. But it is still the basic method of industrial production.

  •  Membrane separation method

According to the molecular weight and shape of the soy protein and the adaptability of the membrane to the soy protein, the membrane materials and membranes with different molecular weight cut-offs are selected, and the soy protein extract is separated by ultrafiltration and ultrafiltration purification, so that non-retained components are excluded and meet the standards. Then the purified soy protein extract is ultra filtered and concentrated to the required concentration and then discharged, spray-dried into powdered soy protein isolate.

Soybean isolate protein production processing
Soybean isolate protein production line

Soy protein products include powdered soy protein powder and textured soy protein.

Nutritional value contained in soy protein
Types of soy protein products Protein content
soy flour 50-65%
soy protein concentrate  65-90% 
soy protein isolate 90%
textured soy protein flour  50-65%
textured soy protein concentrate 70%

Life Tips for Soybean Protein Using

Soy protein accounts for about 40% of soybean content, which is 4 to 5 times that of cereals. Except for methionine, it is equivalent to animal protein in nutritional value.

After the soybean protein is separated and extracted, the composition and content of amino acids in it are much higher than those recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (RDA) for children and adults, and the digestion and absorption rate has been greatly improved. A lot of high-quality protein. Moreover, soy protein isolate powder removes the original nutritional inhibitors in soybeans-trypsin inhibitor, so that there will be no discomforts such as indigestion and flatulence.

Today, the world’s soybean producing countries are highly concentrated. Brazil, the United States, Argentina, India, China and other five countries have soybean planting areas exceeding 100 million acres. Among them, the soybean planting area and total output of the three countries of the United States, Brazil and Argentina all exceed the global total of 80% of it. Tell us your business plan, we will have professional staff to provide you with the pretreatment of soy protein extraction, the equipment required and a free quotation!


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