Starting Commercial Soya Bean Oil Processing Plant

Start Soya Bean Oil Processing Business

Start Soya Bean Oil Processing Business

Soya beans are the second most beneficial oil seed crop in the world. It has a low oil content of about 18% to 22%. Soya bean oil, extracted from from soya beans, is the most produced oil in the world. (Related Post: Soybean Oil Mill Plant Cost >>). The color of crude soya bean oil varies with soybean seed coat and soybean varieties. It is generally light yellow, slightly green, dark brown, etc. And, the refined soybean oil is light yellow. There are many kinds of soybean oil:

  • Soybean oil can be divided into pressed soybean oil and extracted soybean oil according to the oil processing methods;
  • Soybean oil can be divided into crude soybean oil and genetically modified soybean oil according to soya bean types;

Soybean Oil Production by Country
Soybean Oil Production by Country

Commodity Soybean Oil Composition
  Palmitic Stearic Oleic Linoleic Linolenic
Fatty Acid C 16:0 C 18:0 C 18:1 C 18:2 C 18:3
Percentage 11% 4% 24% 54% 7%

The soybeans agribusiness has undergone so much expansion and development all around the world. Starting cooking oil manufacturing plant of soya beans has been the great choice for more people, including soybean farmers, small scale business startups, or professional investors. If you are also interested in soybean oil business or soybean oil manufacturing industry, here is the right place!

Soya bean Oil ProductionProcess & Equipment

Soya Bean Oil Production Process
Soya Bean Oil Production Process

The processing of oils and fats mainly has two methods: the pressing process for high oil content oil crops (normally 30% above), the solvent extraction for oil crops of low oil content. Oil pressing process may have 10% of oil residual in the raw materials, while the oil residual of oil solvent extraction is relatively minimum, generally 1%. The typical soybean oil manufacturing process is described below.

  • Storage of Soya Beans

The raw materials after storage should undergo daily pay-cleanness for the impurities and harmful microorganisms to be removed. The second stage is drying with the aim of reducing moisture content from the materials and reduce deterioration processes in the period of storage. The stage of storage maintains the soybeans quality, which influences the quality of final produced soybean oil. (Related Equipment: Seeds Cleaning Machine >>)

  • Preparation of Soya Beans

In order to get high quality edible soya bean oil that is not contaminated by the by-products, integral exploitation and value aggregation of the product processed must be done. The process is carried out through the separation of the oil and bran. Preparation of the soybean for processing increases lipid organelles' susceptibility to disruption. The next step is steaming and cooking, flaking. After preparation of the soybeans, those of solvent extraction undergo two other steps. These stages are lamination and expansion. They aim at reducing the distance between the solvent and the oil to favor the extraction process. (Related Equipment: Steam Cooking Machine >>)

  • The Extraction Process
Screw Oil Press Machine

Screw Oil Press Machine

Extraction for Pressing

The pressing process for soybean oil belogs to mechanical pressing which makes use of the external pressure on the raw materials to squeeze oil out. The significant advantage of this method is the low cost of installation and low production cost. During this process, the soybeans are equally pressed, which prevents the resorption of the oil. Then the pressed crude soybean oil is filtered by professional oil filter machine to separate solids from the crude oil. (Related Equipment: Mustard Oil Expeller >>)

Extraction for Solvent

This method of extraction is used as a complement in extraction mechanics. It is based on the ability of the solvent to absorb the lipid cells. The interior conducts the dissolution of the oil, and for leaching, it is loaded to the exterior. In adjusted conditions, this process removes about ninety-nine percent of the oil in raw materials. To get a guarantee for the efficiency of this process, it is important that the raw material should be well prepared and should have minimum contact with the solvent in the cellular wall. Click the button below if you have any questions about solvent extraction technology.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

  • Refining

Soybean Oil Refining Equipment Set
Soybean Oil Refining Equipment Set

Edible oil refining is the last step in soybean oil production. It removes solid residues in the crude oil that can affect color, flavor, aroma, and physical characteristics. These solid residues are from solubilization of the raw materials or drag mechanics during the extraction process. The first step is the physical isolation of substances. Soybean Oil Refinery Plant is followed by the refining process of degumming, neutralization, deodorization, decolorizing or clarification.

Generally, the oil mill machinery in a complete soya bean oil processing plant covering basic processes has cleaning machine, crushing machine, steaming cooker, extruder, oil pressing machine, oil filter machine, oil refining unit, oil filling and packaging equipment. However, the selection of detailed equipment should take full consideration of the capacity, the budget, the oil purpose, the market and other factors. 

Soybean Extrusion Function in Soybean Oil Processing Plant

The extruding process for soybeans is to transform the crushed, flaked or the whole soybeans into porous expanded particles by using extrusion equipment. Extrusion is a process of high temperature and in short time. There are two kinds of extruders: single screw extruder and double screw extruder. Extrusion can be divided into wet method and dry method based on the moisture content in the extruding process. (Related Project: 100TPD Soybean Oil Mill Plant in Zambia >>)

soybean extruder machines
soybean extruder machines
soybean extrusion for oil extraction
soybean extrusion for oil extraction

At present, the pre-treatment of oil extrusion mainly adopts low moisture wet processing with single screw extruder, which is to extrudes the raw materials that has been cleaned, flaked before loading into the extruder by heating, pressuring, gluing and decompression. Generally, in the extrusion process, the extrusion temperature can reach about 110-200 ℃, the residence time in the extruder is 1-3min. The purpose of high temperature, wet and hot extrusion treatment for soya beans are

  • Extrusion allows starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, can quickly and thoroughly destroy the cell structure, and the oil evenly spread out is easy to extract

  • It can inactivate all kinds of carbohydrates, especially fatty hydrolase and oxidase. After extrusion, the inactivation rate is over 95%

  • It can increase oil yield, increase output and reduce solvent loss

Oil extrusion and expansion equipment: at present, there are two kinds of oil extrusion and expansion equipment, one is used for the bulging machine with low oil content, the so-called closed wall extrusion and expansion machine; The other is used for the bulging machine with high oil content, that is, the so-called slotted wall extrusion and expansion machine.

ABC Machinery strives to provide customers the BEST equipment and service to help them low investment cost and increase profits by updating the soybean oil processing technology and equipment. If you are interest in soybean oil business. We are here to offer the professional guidance. 

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