What is the Prospect for Investing in a Small Coconut Oil Pressing Line?

Coconut oil is rich in MCT, lauric acid, which is good for the liver and immune system. Therefore, starting a coconut oil production business brings investors a popular business opportunity to get rich, small oil extraction production line with small investment, quick results, low risk, high profit, and less start-up capital compared to large edible oil processing plants, starting a small coconut oil extraction plant is the best choice for investors!

Coconut Oil Made by High Quality Oil Pressing Machine
Small Scale Coconut Oil Extraction Machinery

Coconut oil extraction frequently asked questions are as follows:

How is the profit of coconut oil making business?
How to select a suitable coconut oil production equipment for starting a business?
How to choose the coconut oil factory site? What are the oil extraction methods suitable for?
What cost to start a small scale or large scale coconut oil manufacturing business?

As a machinery and equipment manufacturer with over two decades of experience in edible oil pressing and refining, ABC Machinery experts are waiting for your consultation!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

How to Start a Coconut Oil Pressing Business Plan?

When starting a coconut oil business or setting up a coconut oil processing plant, you have to make a complete business plan, make customized feed mill layout design. You should also study your customers - the edible oil varieties they keep and the market trend. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of edible oil, you can contact us for more information.

  • Select the Best Location and Setup the Coconut Oil Pressing Factory

You may need to find some professional workers to set up the necessary infrastructure and install the processing machines. In most cases, the coconut oil processing machine supplier or manufacturer will have engineers to help you design the factory layout, install and debug the equipment.

  • Learn the Coconut Oil Production Processing Technology

Most of the coconut oil we consume in our daily life is extracted from the oil press, the water content of 10-12% of the dried coconut through the magnetic chamber to remove the broken iron, grinding fine into particles of about 0.3cm in diameter, the particles will be pressed into thin slices to expand the area of dried coconut so as to press the oil.

  • Get Necessary and Reliable Coco​nut Oil Making Equipment

Small-scale Coconut Oil Pressing Production Line for Home Use
Small-scale Coconut Oil Pressing Production Plant for Home Use

This home oil pressing plant for farm use is actually a mini or small household scale edible oil production unit. It is composed by sheller ,cleaning sieve, cooker, oil expeller and filter.. 

This small-scale oil extraction production plant is suitable for all kinds of oilseeds and oil industry, including coconut, soybean, palm fruit, sunflower seed, sesame, peanut/groundnut, castor seed, cotton seed, etc..

We can supply all kinds of eidble oil processing machines to to process your vegetable (like soybean, palm fruit, peanut,coocnut fruit, niger seed, linseed and olive etc..) into oil. You can get tailor made plan depending on your specific requirements and needs.

Besides, ABC Machinery has many successful edible oil projects all around the word, including mini coconut oil pressing unit, small coconut oil extracting plant, medium scale coconut oil pressing factory and large automatic coconut oil pressing plant. Just send us an inquiry and tell us what you need, and we will make the best coconut oil processing solution and equipment list for you! (Read more about: commercial coconut oil project report )

inquire about the price and cost

Video of Small-scale Coconut Oil Pressing Production Line for Farm Use

Capital Cost to Start a Coconut Oil Making Business – Hot Sale Coconut Oil Pressing Machine for Coconut Oil Making: Buy coconut oil production machine from coconut oil pressed machinery manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of coconut oil pressing process and business plan to set up coconut oil making plant project at factory price! 

Features of Small Coconut Oil Pressing Mill Complete Set of Equipment:

  • The complete set of 1-5 TPD small scale pressed coconut oil mill comprehensively optimizes the working structure of each part to ensure and improve various economic indicators of the coconut oil products produced. 

  • This machine adopts a reasonable and practical eidble oil extraction system, which completes the whole process of feeding, converying, extraction and screening at one time. It has a high degree of automation and reduces the labor intensity of the operator. ​​

  • The machine is compact in structure, easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to maintain.

As a Coconut Oil Processing Machinery, we provide turnkey projects including special design, installation instructions, commissioning and training of workers. Our products are exported to Nigeria, Moldavia, Brazil, Jamaica,Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal etc. and other countries. If you are interested in starting a home use coocnut oil production business at a lower cost, do not hesitate to contact us, our team of engineers will customize a turnkey solution for you!

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