Guide on Edible Oil Refining Process & Investment Cost

Starting an edible oil refinery for commercial purposes is popular in Nigeria, Moldavia, Brazzaville, Jamaica, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal and many other countries. Whether you know about edible oil production or not, basic cooking oil production process, a complete edible oil refining line is extremely important for an edible oil refinery and even a key factor in the success or failure of an edible oil extraction business. (Read more: Cost of setting up an edible oil refinery >>)

Profitable Investment: Start a Edible Oil Refinery Line Business
Profitable Investment: Start a Edible Oil Refinery Line Business

But what are the common raw materials used for edible oil refining? What are the steps to set up a small edible oil refinery? How do I select the right production equipment? How much does it cost? If you are planning to engage in edible oil manufacturing, it is best to understand the edible oil refining production process and edible oil processing machinery. For most investors, farmers and small businessmen, ABC Machinery's small edible oil refining line process for small edible oil presses will be the best choice.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Raw Materials for Vegetable Oil Refining

Raw Material for Edible Oil Making Machinery
Raw Material for Edible Oil Making Equipment

Currently there are many kinds of raw materials that can be used as oil presses, such as soybeans, sesame, peanuts, sunflower seeds, castor seeds, rice bran, oil tea seeds, palm and so on, these oil presses are more nutritious raw materials, regardless of the choice of which oil press raw materials to press oil, you must choose a good quality oil press in order to achieve the most economical and productive and wealthy results.

Main Nutrients and Content of Oilseed Grains
Grain Type  Moisture Protein Carbohydrate Fat 
Soybean  10.2 36.3 25.3 18.4
Peanut kernel 8.0 26.2 22.1 39.2
Sesame 5.4 20.3 12.4 53.6

ABC Machinery's experts remind: no matter which raw material is chosen for oil extraction, you must be careful when choosing oil press equipment to avoid wasting raw materials.

What Are the Steps Involved in the Edible Oil Refining?

  • (1) Selecting raw materials: selecting high-quality oilseeds (such as walnuts, peanuts) and so on for shelling and cleaning screening process

  • (2) Pressing: the screening of high-quality raw materials through the oil press machine processing into pressed oil.

  • (3) Physical refining: the pressed oil will be physically refined, such as deacidification, decolorization, degumming and other processing

  • (4) Measuring and filling: filling the physically refined vegetable oil.

  • (5) Packaging: the vegetable oil after filling is packaged as finished vegetable edible oil.

Small Edible Oil Refining Equipment - ABC Machinery

10 Ton Per Day Small-scale Edible Oil Refinery
10 Ton Per Day Small-scale Edible Oil Refining Production Line

The complete set of edible oil refining processing plant is designed by ABC Machinery according to the market demand and with reference to the world trend of edible oil refining processing industry. It is a small edible oil refining plant designed by keeping the essence of large edible oil refining plants. From the cleaning of raw materials, pressing, deacidification and degumming, decolorization, cooling, filtration, filling, etc., all edible oil refining production processes are completed efficiently, which can fully meet the different needs of the market.

Features of Edible Oil Refining and Processing Plant

  • Small power, high efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance.

  • Streamline modular design, the whole process of edible oil refining and processing is automated.

  • The edible oil refining process is automated, and the whole edible oil refining production workshop only needs one electric control worker and one packer, which can greatly save labor cost.

  • Our oil extraction line has been successfully used in the market for more than 20 years. It has not only won the trust of Chinese customers, but also been well received in the United States, Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries.

After these years of development, our company ABC Machinery has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of edible oil processing machinery in China. We can provide one-stop service from equipment selection, plant layout design, equipment installation and commissioning, technical training, etc. to help you build an automated edible oil refining . For more edible oil refining equipment price list, refinery plant project cost, machinery parameters please contact directly!


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