How to Invest in Establishing a Coconut Oil Manufacturing Factory?

Coconut meat is a good raw material for oil processing, and its oil content is about 65%-74%. The processed coconut oil is rich in various fatty acids, which is an edible product with high market demand. Therefore, investing in a small coconut oil processing plant is a project with broad prospects and huge development potential, which is worth investing in, from the perspective of coconut oil business model, market demand, and industry status. 

Factory Price Coconut Oil Manufacturing Machinery for Sale
Factory Price Coconut Oil Manufacturing Machinery for Sale 

The following will introduce the market prospects of establishing coconut oil plants in detail from these three aspects.(Read More: 3 Types Of Coconut Oil Making Classification & Factory-Supplied Equipment

3 Key Points of Setting up Coconut Oil Pressing Plant

  • 1. The Business Model is Diverse and the Sales Channel is Extensive

There are three main business models for small coconut oil processing plants: the processing model, the fee-free model, and the sales model. Because of its flexible and diverse business models, and the small footprint of these machines with high degree of automation, the distribution range of the small-scale coconut oil processing plants is so wide that you can find them in city, country town, small town, and mountainous area. Besides, the market customer group of the coconut oil is fixed, the sales channel is wide, and the return is quick.

  • 2.Per Capita Consumption Increases and Market Demand is High

With the development of society and the improvement of the people’s living standard, the per capita consumption of edible oil is ever-increasing, and the market demand is high. The consumption of edible oil will keep to increase in the next decades. Then, the coconut oil processing business will be promising with the increasing demand of consumers for healthy edible oil and the development of edible oil for intensive processing.

Video of 20 Ton ​Per Day Coconut Oil Pressing Process

ABC Machinery provides complete solutions for cooking oil production plant projects construction with advanced technology, customizable equipment, professional installation, complete support and excellent service. Mechanical oil extraction methods are usually applied to various raw materials such as peanuts/peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, corn germ, palm kernel, copra, mustard, cotton seeds, castor, sesame, rape/canola, flax seeds, etc. We undertake a variety of cooking oil plants with capacities ranging from 10TPD to 500TPD.

  • 3. The Process Technology is Easy to Learn, and There is a Lot of Room to Improve of the Industry

The technology of coconut oil processing which is trend to be mature and transparent is easy to know and learn. More and more household rent a store and buy an oil press to start an edible oil processing project. So the small-scale edible oil processing plant should do more work to build the brand and process edible oil intensively, which may need to use a small edible oil refining equipment.(Related Project:20 TPD Coconut Oil Mill Plant in Philippines

What Kind of Edible Oil Refining Equipment is Needed?

The oil processing equipment that needs to be added is different in accordance with the factory’s configuration level, processing capacity, processing technology, and investment budget.

Small Scale Coconut Oil Pressing Process
Small Scale Coconut Oil Pressing Process

The supporting equipment for a small-scale coconut oil processing plant mainly includes the crusher, rolling caldron fry seed machine, screw oil press machine and plate frame oil filter. 

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