Market Report to Invest a Small Palm Oil Refinery Business

ABC Machinery is a professional palm oil production equipment manufacturer and supplier for more than 10 years, offering not only single oil processing machine and small-scale palm oil refining production unit at factory wholesale price, but can also help you set up a customized turnkey oil extraction project. In these years, our overseas installation team have been to Nigeria, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Mexica, Jamaica, Russia, United States, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Togo etc. 

Investing a Palm Oil Processing Business for Commercial Purpose
Invest a Palm Oil Processing Business for Commercial Purpose

Nowadays, palm oil has become the world's number one vegetable oil and occupies an important position in the international vegetable oil market.  For a qualified investor, the return on investment in a palm oil production business is economically profitable. In addition, it is very common to establish a small palm oil processing plant locally with a limited budget. (Read More: How to Set up a Palm Oil Producing Factory?)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Global Palm Oil Production Business Market Report in 2022

With the rapid development of the global palm oil market, the annual production of palm oil has shown a more stable growth trend. 

Global Palm Oil Production Output Has Grown Steadily

Globle Market for Palm Oil Production Business in 2022
Globle Market for Palm Oil Production Business

According to statistics, global palm oil production is 76.54 million tons as of 2021, up 3.9% year-on-year, and the global palm oil production CAGR is 3.25% from 2013-2021, with a steady increase in total production. Southeast Asia and Africa are the major palm oil producing areas, of which Indonesia (46.5 million tons/year) and Malaysia (19.8 million tons/year) are the world's major palm oil producers, and together they account for more than 80% of global palm oil production, with the remaining producing countries being Nigeria, Thailand, etc.

Successful Palm Oil Mill Plant Projects at ABC Machinery

Project Name  Location 
 2Ton Per Hour Palm Oil Factory In Ghana
20 Ton Per Day Palm Oil Refining In Nigeria
150 Ton Per Day Palm Oil Production Line In Australia

Palm oil production plant is the perfect project to invest in, especially the agricultural based countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria etc.. Since there are huge resources of oil palm tree palnt and the raw material cost is relatively low, A growing number of investors have built their own palm oil crushing and refining plants. For more information about oil mill factory design, business plan and installation & commissioning, welcome to contact us!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Feasibility Analysis of Investing in Palm Oil Processing Plant

 Investment in palm oil processing plant has a stable and broad market development prospect, which is mainly reflected in sufficient raw materials for palm oil processing, large market demand and large profit space.

Three Reasons for Palm Oil Production Business with Huge Investment Potential

Palm oil is produced by pressing the palm fruit from the oil palm tree, with the pulp and kernel yielding palm oil and palm kernel oil. After refining and fractionation, products with different melting points are obtained, which have a wide range of uses in the restaurant, food and oleochemical industries, respectively.

  • ► 1. Palm oil raw materials are widely sourced and cheap.

Most of the oils and fats used in oleochemical industry are palm oil. Unlike soybean oil, peanut oil, canola oil, etc., palm oil is pressed from the fruit of the palm tree. Palm tree is a perennial woody plant, growing in tropical areas, mainly in Southeast Asia, can bear fruit all year round, mountains and other areas can be planted in large quantities of palm trees, the cost is much lower than other vegetable oils, so industrial production in large quantities of palm oil.

  • ► 2. Palm oil is versatile.

Palm oil products of different melting points are available for both food and non-food applications. For example, cooking oils, frying oils, or in food processing, baking, confectionery, ice cream, beverages, and other food processing have palm oil related products. Non-food applications are also very wide, such as soaps, detergents, cleaning agents and other daily chemicals, personal care products, cosmetics, and industrial products such as glycerin, lubricants, and emulsifiers.

  • ► 3. Palm oil has good antioxidant properties.

Used as a type of edible oil, like other edible oils, palm oil is equally easy for the body to digest, absorb and promote health as well. Palm oil has a mild nature and is a good food material. From its composition, palm oil is also a good flavoring for pastry and bakery production as its composition prevents oxidation of food products, can maintain stability, and is an effective antioxidant for hot weather.

Investment Cost to a Small-scale Palm Oil Processing Plant

Hot Sale Small-scale Palm Oil Refining Business at Factory Price
Hot Sale Small-scale Palm Oil Refining Business at Factory Price

Palm oil production belongs to a cost-effective industry, for investors who plan to produce in different sizes, the consumables for machinery production costs are not the same. The exact cost of investing in a palm oil business needs to be analyzed according to the actual scale of production. (Related Article:What is the cost of investing in a middle-scale palm oil production plant business?

ABC Machinery has been manufacturing oil processing equipment  in China, with rich experience in project cooperation and a team of skilled engineers. We will configure a palm oil processing line with high efficiency, high oil yield and high-cost performance according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us!


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