Small Edible Oil Processing Plant Setup Costs & Tips

Edible Oil Processing Business
Edible Oil Processing Business

It is a profitable project to invest in the cooking oil manufacturing plant to produce high quality edible oil. It not only can help oilseeds and oil crops farmers to solve their sales problems, but also can get considerable revenues, which truly serves multi-purpse. Setting up edible oil processing plant project is good and worthy investing in, some people’s oil mill project is running well, but some’s oil processing machinery is stumbling and failing to reach the expected revenue. What's the reasons? (Read more: Oil Mill Setup Cost >>)

Oil Type FFA (Acid Value) PV (meq./kg) IV (g/100g) Viscosity (mPA s) at 40℃ Saponification Value
Soybean 1.15 10 139 33 195
Sunflower 1.21 6.6 134 35 193
Mustard 1.5 20 125 48 184
Palm 1.75 3.18 45 29 202
Olive 6.6 10 94 40 196

There are several reasons that the edible oil processing plant does not operate well:
1. Not made a reasonable positioning
2. Not get appropriate oil pressing machine
3. Not choose a good and reliable oil processing machinery manufacturer or supplier

ABC machinery has a high reputation in the vegetable oil production at home and abroad. Aiming at the solving the operation problems of how to start edible oil business, the following analysis is simply given, hoping to offer some helps for people who is in or plan to set up edible oil processing plant. (Read more: Mustard Oil Business Plan in India >>)

Tips on Investing on Edible Oil Processing Plant

Edible Oil Processing Plan
Edible Oil Processing Plan
  • Edible Oil Manufacturing Plant Positioning

The positioning of edible oil mill plant is mainly based on the size of the user's factory, the choice of edible oil technology,  the detailed oil production capacity, and the type of edible oil processing. According to the experiences and our customer’s feedback, in some country, the mainstream edible oils are the normal vegetable oils, like soybean oil, sunflower oil, peanut/groundnut oil, palm oil, etc. But, in some regions, the hottest oils are some valuable and precious oils, like prickly pear seed oil, grape seeds, almond oil, etc. Small scale oil mill plant project that can process a wide range of vegetable oilseeds and oil plants would be an ideal choice to compete in the market. (Related article: Small Scale Soybean Processing Plant >>)

Small Scale Edible Oil Processing Plant
Small Scale Edible Oil Processing Plant

  • Oil Processing Equipment Purchase

The selection of oil processing equipment depends on the output of the project. For small size edible oil mill plant, mini oil mill machine and oil refining equipment are basic. Some oil with national or industrial standards, a complete edible oil processing plant can reach the corresponding standards through oil refining. If there is no standard, we suggest to have edible oil refining process, In this way, higher quality edible oil can be produced. (Related Post: Cost of Building a Palm Oil Refinery >>)

  • Find Out Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier

The choice of oil processing machinery manufacturer is very important. The oil production process, oil equipment operation, and the success of the project not only heavily depend on the careful management and operation of customers, but also has closely relations with the manufacturer. Many oil mill factories have problems in operation, resulting in a series of conditions such as shutdown. The reason is that the oil processing machine manufacturers did not come out in time to solve the problem, Only a good manufacturer can serve the customers more attentively and invest in the oil plant with a bright future, and it also needs a powerful oil equipment manufacturer to assist.

Small Scale Edible Oil Manufacturing Machines

The small scale edible oil production plant we supplied ranges from 1 tons per day to 30 tons per day. Compared to large scale type, small scale edible oil processing plant costs less, requires less maintenance and power consumption, but has the full functions of oil production. If you choose us, we will offer the most favorable price to help you set up the small scale edible oil mill plant. (Related post: Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Plant Project Report >>)

Small Scale Edible Oil Processing Machines
Small Scale Edible Oil Processing Machines

Small edible oil processing plant connects small types of oil processing machines together to realize the continuous oil manufacturing. Generally, the main machine for a small scale oil processing plant has cleaning sieve, cooker, oil press machine and oil filter press. If the raw materials have shells, such as peanut/groundnut, cottonseeds, a shelling machine should be equipped with it. The cost of a 5tpd groundnut oil mill plant that is designed with manual elevators may cost at least $5,500 or above. In most case, different equipment selection, different oil production process and other factors can the final price. If you want to know about edible oil processing plant setup, including equipment selection, machine price, setup cost, and more, please contact us for details!

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