How to Setup Soya Oil Press Machine?

Soya Oil Pressing Machine Is Getting Popular

Soya oil is usually called soybean oil, pressed out from soybean with oil content of 15.5%-22.7%, which is one kind of common oil plant. As one of the frequently-used edible oil, soya oil has high demand in the edible oil market. Thus, there are more and more people are getting interest in soya oil production process, which increasing the demand of soya oil press machine.(Read more: oil mill project cost)  

How to setup Soya Oil Press Machinery?

Generally speaking, the setup of soybean oil mill equipment is decided by multiple factors, like soya oil output, the requirement and actual condition of clients etc. (Read more: how to extract oil from soya beans)

For Small Scale Soya Oil Press Setup

Screw Soya Oil Processing Machine

If you want to produce soybean with the output of 1-10T per day, screw oil pressing machine is the most cost-effective choice. Meanwhile, in order to increase the oil yield, drum pan is usually equipped before pressing soybean to heat the soybean to a suitable temperature for pressing. And this method is designed with low price, very suitable for homemade oil, small oil workshop and the people who have idea of bulding soybean oil factory as business.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

For Large Scale Soya Oil Press Machine Design

If the output of soya oil is more than 10T per day, you had better buy a complete soybean oil making process line. It is mainly composed of soybean pre-treatment process, soybean pressing plant, soybean oil solvent extraction plant and crude oil refining plant.

3D Flow of Complete Soya Oil Production Plant

  • Soybean pretreatment equipment is used to clean the impurities in soybean, making the temperature and water of soybean meet the pressing and leaching conditions through crushing, softening, rolling embryo and other processing techniques, so that the efficiency of soya oil pressing and extraction will also be improved. (Related article: soybean oil mill plant project report)

  • Oil pressing process is equipped to press the majority oil out from the soybean, large scale soya oil press machine for sale is manufactured to meet large oil production.
  • But due to the not so high oil content of soybean (15.5%-22.7%), solvent extraction is usually used to get more oil from the soybean cake, thus realizing higher economic benefits. After the solvent extraction, the residual oil ratio can be reduced to 1%, and the soybean meal cake can also be used for producing animal feed. 
  • Soya oil refining plant is the last process of building soya oil production line, used to process the crude oil from the solvent extraction. Through the process of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization, the harmful and useless substances from the crude oil can be removed, at the same time, the color and smell of the soya oil can meet the standard of edible oil.

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Some Oil Press Machine Project Setup around the World

Whether you want to buy small or large soya oil press equipment, tell us about your requirement, we will customize you the most suitable solution of soya oil production based on your condition. Welcome to contact us.

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