Animal Oil Refining Process

Animal oil and fat refers to the oil and fat derived from animal body. The animal oils that have higher economical benefits include fish oil, seal oil, whale oil, etc. These oils contain much nutrition, and can be further processed into health care products with high value. Therefore, animal oil refining equipment is also popular!

In animal fat coarse extraction process, if handled properly, the grease products don't need further processing and can be used directly. But in practical production, due to the blood left in slaughtering process, or other reasons, the product obtained has high acid value level or there is collagen and other impurities. Therefore, these animals need to be further refined oil consumption.

animal oil fish oil

Here we would like to introduce the mainly 4 animal oil refining processes:
Degumming, decolorization, deacidification, and deodorization.

Animal oil refining process introduction

  • Degumming: the purpose of degumming is to get rid of colloidal impurities in the crude oil, which mainly include protein, phospholipid and mocous substances. At present, We mainly use hydration degumming.
  • Decolorization: the purpose of bleaching is to remove the pigment in grease. This process adopts adsorption decolorization method, and accomplished by the addition of activated clay, or adding a small amount of activated carbon, which can adsorb pigments and some oil degradation products.
5TPD fish oil refinery in Pakistan

  • Deacidification: because the animal fats acid value is too high after boiling, it does not meet the standards to use animal oil, it needs to go through deacidification.the general method is physical de-acid method.
  • Deodorization: deodorization is to remove the dirt mixed from outside and the cleavage product of raw protein, and stink substances like aldehydes, ketones, lower acids, hyperoxide generated from oxidative rancidity of fats. In the new refining process of ABC Machinery, this process and the acid deacidification process are completed in the combined acid deodorization tower.
2TPD Chicken Offal Fat/Oil Refinery Unit in Bolivia
2tpd chicken offal oi fat refinery unit to Bolivia

Above are four animal oil refining processes. If you have animal oil available and want to make use of it, choose our animal oil refining line to make profit!
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