Build A Small Scale Palm Oil Mill

Building a small scale palm oil mill has its own benefits. When we see large oil mills, we probably think that setting up an oil mill requires lots of money and the land. But, very few know that it’s a misconception. You can set up a small scale palm oil mill in a small amount of money and some equipment. Edible is always in demand and with a small scale palm oil mill you can do business in the local markets and generate a source of income. I will guide you through the process of setting up your own small scale palm oil mill.

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What will you need to build a s​mall scale palm oil mill plant?

First of all, you will need the bunch of fresh palm fruits. You need to decide the source. Make sure you have sufficient inventory of palm fruits. Buy them from wholesaler market or direct farms. If they are not available in your locality; arrange transportation facility to import the pal fruits from markets nearby.

Choose the place and inventory room where you will store the palm fruits.

Then arrange for some funds and buy these machineries for setting up the small palm oil mill-

  • Palm fruit boiler
  • Palm fruit thresher
  • Palm oil presser
  • Palm oil filter

In addition to machinery, you will need Storage drums for storing the oil, bottles to pack oil for sale. And see if you can arrange local labors.

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How to set up small scale palm oil mill

Now that you have arranged for the necessary equipment and goods it’s time to understand the process of palm oil extraction, refining and how to do the whole process.

  1. Reception - First of all bring the bunch of palm fruits and store them in your inventory. Palm fruits will arrive directly from your field or any market if you have imported them.
  1. Separation of fruits from bunches – The fruits need to be separated from the raw bunches first. Use the thresher for separating the fruits from bunches. You can do this manually by hiring some laborers to manually separate the fruits from bunches. But it is time-consuming and requires more labors. With the thresher, the process becomes time saver and simple. Just add the bunches on the machine and the rotating machine will separate the fruits from the bunches.
  1. Cooking the palm fruits – The next step is to boil the palm fruits at high temperatures. Heating makes the pulp softer making it easy to extract the oil. Use the boiler to cook the fruits. The boiler cooks the fruits with hot steam. However, over boiling should be avoided otherwise it will reduce the protein value of palm fruits.
  1. Extraction of palm oil – Now, you need to extract the oil from the pulp or mixture of boiled palm oil fruits. The equipment you will use here is palm oil presser. Make sure to purchase a good quality presser as presser is the main machine that will extract the raw palm oil from fruits. The basic principle of palm oil presser is pressure. The machine applies the pressure to extract the oil from boiled fruits.
  1. Filtering and refining - The extracted palm oil contains impurities which should be filtered out. The unrefined oil contains free fatty acids, moisture, and dirt, phospholipids, Mixture of fibers and pigment. Use the palm oil filter and palm oil refinery to refine the oil to be used for sale.
  1. Storage – Store the oil in tanks or drums before packaging. Make sure that the tanks or drums you use for storage are covered with a protective coating. Because the iron contained in the drum metal may react with the oil. To avoid, Oxidation of oil due to storage maintain the temperature of around 50 degrees using hot water or steam coils.
  1. Package and dispatch – Use labor to pack the refined oil into bottles ready to dispatch. In large mills they have machines for packaging firm, at your small-scale palm oil mill; some labor is enough to do the packaging. Use your stickers on the bottles for your brand.
Setting up the small scale palm oil mill is the great resource for your income. Since palm oil has great demand you can earn the pretty good profit in your local or small markets nearby. Palm oil is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry, food products, and many such other industries. So, go for this if you want to set up something of your own and something that will never go out of demand.
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