Building Your Own Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant

- It Might Be Easier Than You Think!
Considering that cooking oil is one of the most widely used commodity in our day to day lives, it would make sense why it would be an appealing business idea to start your own cooking oil manufacturing plant whether you are looking at it from a financial perspective or it has been your dream to start one. Use of cooking oil dates back almost as early as civilization itself which is an assurance that it is a solid investment.
How to Build A Small Scale Edible Oil Production Plant
How to Build A Small Scale Edible Oil Production Plant?

Why you need to build your cooking oil plant

  • Good profits. Its widespread use ensures that this is a lucrative business. Think about it, it is almost impossible for a day to go by without using cooking oil in your household. If you can manage to tap into that market and turn your plant into a brand, the financial implications are very promising.
  • Be your own boss. Since you are starting your own business, it means you are the boss of your own business. You don’t answer to anybody else.
  • Reliable demand. Since cooking oil is constantly used in our daily lives, the demand is reliable and with the global population ever on the rise, it is safe to say that the demand is always on the rise.
  • Employment opportunity. Another perk of having your own cooking oil plant is the employment opportunities you are going to create for the people who are going to be working at your plant.
  • Job satisfaction. Though manufacturing is a tough line of business, it also comes with a certain sense of satisfaction for the owner. This is especially the case if starting a cooking oil plant is your dream. Rather than providing a service, a manufacturer creates an item from scratch to the finished product. This brings about satisfaction with your job.

How to Start a Small Edible Oil Processing Plant?

The most crucial step is to develop a business plan. As with any business, the first thing that you need before you open your cooking oil manufacturing plant is a solid business plan. You need to develop an elaborate plan that lays out every step from the moment the raw materials enter your plant to the moment they leave as finished products. You need a good location for your plant while at the same time considering proximity to your target market and convenience of transportation from  your plant.

1. Market Research

When building a small edible oil processing plant from the ground up, first conduct market research on the local edible oil processing industry. Only through a comprehensive investigation, small edible oil processing plants proceed   smoothly. Questions that need to be understood in market research mainly include: What cooking oil do local consumers like?

Choose the raw materials for cooking oil: such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil and so on.

How to obtain the raw materials for oil extraction? What is the price of raw materials for oil extraction? What was the market price of edible oil at that time? After detailed market research, we can start to build a small edible oil processing plant.

2. Site selection and construction

When selecting a site for a small edible oil processing plant, it must meet the requirements for raw material transportation, plant operation, and refined oil sales. The site of a small rapeseed oil processing plant should be close to the origin of raw materials to facilitate the sale of refined oil to save transportation costs. In addition, small edible oil processing plants should also have abundant hydropower resources in order to successfully process edible oil. After the site is selected, the plant can be constructed. Pay attention to the placement of cooking oil processing equipment during the construction process, and communicate with the cooking oil processing equipment manufacturer.

3. Optional equipment

The edible oil processing equipment required for a small edible oil processing plant is usually a complete set of edible oil pressing equipment, which mainly includes drum fryer, bucket elevator, edible oil press and plate and frame filter. In order to obtain high quality edible oil and improve the efficiency of edible oil processing, ABC Machinery recommends the use of complete sets of rapeseed oil pressing equipment. If you use less than 1 tonne per day for processing or have a limited investment budget, you can choose only drum frying pans and edible oil presses for processing.

High Quality Edible Oil Press
High Quality Edible Oil Press
Trustworthy Grain and Oil Machinery Manufacturers
Trustworthy Grain and Oil Machinery Manufacturers

Of course, in addition to the above important steps, we also need to pay attention to the procurement and transportation of raw materials, factory operations, and refined oil sales channels. ABC Machinery has been engaged in the petroleum industry for many years. I will provide you with more detailed information!

inquire about the price and cost

  • Source of raw materials.

You need to identify a reliable source of raw materials. Setting up a cooking oil plant is a little costly therefore you want to make sure that the plant functions as smoothly as possible. That means that the flow of raw materials needs to be dependable.

  • Get the right equipment.

Though an average bottle of cooking oil is made up of generally the same range of materials, the methods of manufacturing are different for every plant. Additionally, the oil comes from different parts of plants. It goes without saying therefore that you need to select manufacturing equipment that is ideal for your method of production.

Working Video for Cooking Oil Production Processing 

  • Learn everything you can about your rivals.

Study your competition and come up with a method of setting yourself aside from your rivals. In any business, your competition is the key. Your competition sets standards for the market that you need to exceed to become the best. Think about it, there are already other cooking oil manufacturers so you need to stand out from the rest of the pack to beat them.

  • Acquire the necessary skill set.

You might need to familiarize yourself with: marketing and selling so as to learn how to make a name for your business, customer care so as to learn how to find and maintain customers as well as market research so as to learn how to analyze the market that you are involved in.

Bottom line
The beginning days of setting up your cooking oil manufacturing plant should be spent conducting market research, benchmarking your rivals, seeking the necessary capital to start the plant. At this stage, information is your best friend. Research on everything related to your business and develop a plan that spells out every activity at every stage in the lifespan of your business. Information is power.
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