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Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis also known as castor oil plant. It's a perennial plant that grows up to 12 meters. It has glossy leaves and reddish flowers which yield highly poisonous seeds with brownish mottling. Despite the toxic nature of these seeds, their oils have proven useful to medicinal needs of man among other uses. There are many reasons why one would want to extract castor oil. 

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Castor Oil Project Reports

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Castor Oil Production

Industrial or commercial castor oil production includes several oil manufacturing process, such as castor seeds processing, oil extraction and oil refinery. The castor oil extraction is divided into mechanical pressing and solvent extraction based on the production capacity, investment and requirements.

Castor Oil Manufacturing Extracting Process

Castor seed whether harvested from commercial farms or the wild must be hulled. The shell can be done manually using bare hands or using decortication machine. 50% of the weight in the seeds is oil. Therefore to extract this oil, the seeds have to be crushed and pressed with a screw oil press. The extracted oil undergoes filtering, and the material that is removed from the oil is returned into the hydraulic press along with fresh materials. The material that is finally discharged from the press is known as a castor cake and usually contains 10% oil. The castor cake is crushed, and the 10% oil that it contains is extracted through solvent extraction by using heptane as the solvent.

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Hot Sale Castor Oil Pressing Plant 
Castor Oil Production Line Installation
Installation of Castor Oil Production Line

Castor Oil Refinery Line

After the oil is extracted, it is subjected to filter press where it undergoes filtration. The filtration process removes impurities such as acids, dissolved gasses, particulates, and water. The filtered oil known as crude oil is taken to an oil refinery to refine it. There, it goes through four stages; Degumming of the oil, neutralization, bleaching and deodorization of the oil.

Castor Oil Refinery Production Line
Castor Oil Refinery Process

  1. Degumming of the oil: is usually the first stage when refining castor oil. The degumming purpose is to remove compounds from the oil that are insoluble such as gums. This process involves the addition of hot water in the filtered oil. The mixture is then stirred and allowed settle in a separating funnel. Then the aqueous layer containing the insoluble is removed. The process is repeated several times to remove most of the gums.
  2. Neutralization: is the second stage whose purpose is to eliminate free fatty acids that are present in the oil. This process involves heating the degummed oil in a beaker at a temperature 80℃. Afterward, 40 ml of sodium hydroxide is added and stirred to form a uniform solution. Sodium hydroxide neutralizes a portion of the fatty acids. Sodium chloride is then added to remove the remaining fatty acids which appear in the form of soap in the solution. The process is repeated until all the soap in the solution is removed. Then all the neutralized oil is drawn off to a beaker.
  3. Bleaching: is the second last stage whose purpose is to eliminate coloring materials, oxidation products, and phospholipids. The neutralized oil is heated to 90℃, and fuller earth bleaching agent is added and stirred for about 30 minutes. The mixture is then filtered at over 70℃, and the result is clear oil.
  4. Deodorization: is the last process whose purpose is to remove odors from the oil.
The oil that has gone through these four stages is modified for various uses. When modifying castor oil, it goes through different chemical processes such as hydrogenation, oxidation, and thermal treatments to make products for specific purposes.

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Applications of castor oil

  • Cleanses toxins from the scalp
  • Stimulates the growth of air and thickness
  • It has anti-inflammatory property which relieves pain in joint and so muscles.
  • It relieves constipation when mixed with juice and the mixture drank by the constipated person.
  • Treats most skin disorders.
  • Treats dysentery diseases.
The mentioned uses are some of the uses of castor oil.

In a word, through ABC Machinery's analysis of the castor oil processing industry, the cost of small castor oil processing plants, and the production and manufacturing process of castor oil, it can be understood that investing in castor oil production business is very promising and has profit margins. If you want to join the castor oil processing industry, open a small castor oil processing plant, or need to purchase castor oil processing equipment, you can contact ABC Machinery !

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