Build A Medium-Sized Palm Oil Refinery Costs

The palm trees used to make palm oil grow in tropical regions, mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia, but plantations are now spread across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Generally speaking, it is used in cooking, food, detergent, cosmetics, etc.Therefore, it is profitable to build a palm oil processing plant.

Cost To Build A Medium-Sized Palm Oil Refinery
Cost To Build A Medium-Sized Palm Oil Refinery

The cost of building a medium-sized palm oil refinery includes many aspects, among which the cost of palm oil refining equipment is only one factor. If you are willing to build a medium-sized palm oil refinery and learn the cost of building a medium-sized palm oil refinery, the following introduction may help you.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Three Steps to Start Your Own Medium-Sized Palm Oil Plant Business

According to the construction plan of medium-sized palm oil refinery, there are three stages:

Stage 1: Preparation

1. Construction Cost of Medium Palm Oil Refinery
Price levels are different in each country and region, it is determined mainly according to local conditions.

2. Cost of medium-sized palm oil refining equipment
Different refining processes and different capacity palm oil refining equipment will have different prices. The exact price of palm oil refining equipment is calculated by the palm oil refining equipment manufacturer. The supplier of palm oil refining equipment will tailor the palm oil refining equipment for you according to your processing capacity, your budget and your choice of refining process. According to the different processing capacity of customers, the palm oil refining equipment on the market can be roughly divided into: 1-20 tons/day small batch palm oil refining equipment, 20-50 tons/day medium-sized semi-continuous palm oil refining equipment and 50-1000 tons/day large-scale fully continuous palm oil refining equipment, etc.

3. Transportation cost of medium-sized palm oil refining equipment;
Once you have purchased palm oil refining equipment, you have to find a way to transport palm oil refining equipment to your plant.
60TPH Palm Oil Mil in Sumatra
60TPH Palm Oil Mil in Sumatra
60TPH Palm Oil Mill Projects
60TPH Palm Oil Mill Projects
80TPH Palm Oil Mill in Kalimantan
80TPH Palm Oil Mill in Kalimantan
80TPH Palm Oil Mill Plant Projects
80TPH Palm Oil Mill Plant Projects

Stage 2: Installation, commissioning and operation

1. Engineer's salary cost
For the installation of medium-sized palm oil refining equipment, manufacturers usually arrange engineers to guide the installation. The installation cycle is usually about 2 months. During this period, customers need to pay engineers' wages.

2. Wage Cost of Workers
Medium-sized palm oil refinery installation process requires the cooperation of local workers, that is, workers' wage costs.

Stage 3: Production Cost

  • 1. The Cost of Purchasing Palm Crude Oil

If clients have their own palm oil mill, they can directly refine their own crude oil. If clients do not have a palm oil mill, they need to buy crude palm oil from the market, which will result in the cost of crude palm oil.

  • 2. Transportation cost;

This is mainly the cost of transport palm crude oil to palm oil refinery plant;

  • 3. Electricity, water, fuel cost, etc.

Different palm oil refining equipment has different power, water and electricity consumption, but the specific cost of hydroelectric fuel, palm oil refining equipment manufacturers will provide you with specific consumption parameters information.

The above are the specific factors affecting the cost of a medium-sized palm oil refinery. As a manufacturer of palm oil refinery equipment, we can provide you with the exact price of medium-sized palm oil refinery equipment, but the cost of the palm oil refinery also needs to be calculated by yourself.

Palm Oil Milling Process Video

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Palm Oil Production Market in India

India is one of the world's largest importers of crude palm oil, while Indonesia and Malaysia are the largest exporters. India’s palm oil production is not high, and only a few small-scale farmers are involved. But in the past few years, India has been considering increasing domestic palm oil production, which is expected to reduce India’s dependence on imported palm oil. When India starts producing domestically, its costs will eventually fall.

Major Palm Oil Importers
Major Palm Oil Importers

India’s vegetable oil trade ranks fourth in the world, after the United States, China and Brazil. India’s palm oil imports account for almost 55% of the country’s total vegetable oil imports.

Palm oil planting has some inherent advantages. For example, once planted, it can be produced continuously for 30 years, and in addition to the main crops, it can also be intercropped with a fixed income. The output of palm oil plantations is 5-8 times that of other oilseed crops. Globally, palm oil uses only 10% of the land to meet 35% of the world's vegetable oil demand. This means that compared with traditional oil crops such as peanuts, using palm oil can produce 3-5 times as much edible oil per unit of land, which can save a lot of land and contribute to a green economy. Learn more information about palm oil and start your own palm oil redinery business,please do not hesitate to contact us!

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