crushing machine

The Crushing machine is designed to crush the raw materials into small pieces in order to meet the flaking condition in oil pressing plant. After crushing, it could increase the superficial area of raw material, beneficial for adjusting moisture and temperature when cooking. Usually it is suitable for soybean, peanut, palm kernel and some other big size raw materials.

 crushing machine
Technical Parameter of Crusher:
Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Roller specification(mm) Weight(kg)
KMPSJФ250×800 70-100 7.5*2 250*800 3000
KMPSJФ250×1000 150-200 11*2 250×1000 3500
KMPSJФ250×1250 250-300 15*2 250×1250 5500
KMPSJФ300×1000 200-250 11*2 300×1000 5500
KMPSJФ300×1250 300-350 18.5*2 300×1250 6000
KMPSJФ400×1250 350-400 18.5*2 400×1250 7000
KMPSJФ400×1500 450-500 22*2 400×1500 8000
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