Neem Oil Extraction Technology

Neem oil is an overly useful vegetable oil with a wide range of applications and uses. This oil is pressed from the seeds and fruits of neem tree- an evergreen tree in the Indian subcontinent. Setting up a vegetable oil production line for neem oil making is a promising investment if you have known neem oil. (Read more: Oil Extraction Business Plan >>)

neem oil extraction methods introduction
How to Make Neem Oil?

Neem oil comes in different color variations as it can either be yellowish brown, golden brown, greenish brown, bright red or dark brown. Neem oil has a strong odor as it combines the smells of garlic and peanut. The quality of the oil depends on the neem oil production process, neem oil processing equipment and the neem oil extraction method used. (Read more: Groundnut Oil Extraction Process >>)

How to Set up Oil Mill Plant for Neem Oil Production?

There are different methods used for neem oil extraction, for example, mechanical pressing, steam distillation pressing, aqueous extraction, and solvent extraction, etc. However, the most used is mechnical pressing (crushing and pressing) in many neem oil extraction plant. (Read more: Oil Mill Project Cost >>)

Small Neem Oil Processing Line
Small Neem Oil Processing Line

  • Collect and Separate the Neem Seeds

Neem fruits are collected and the kernels separated for the seeds to be obtained. Neem seeds come in variable sizes and oil content. It is based on the time they were harvested and the conditions they were grown in. So, depending on the important characteristics of neem seeds, they are separated and graded to be used independently.

  • Clean and Dry Seeds

After grading, seeds are cleaned with the help of a cleaning sieve. This step is required to remove dirt, branches, or other impurities from the seed kernel. Dry seeds by placing them under the sun. It will greatly reduce the moisture content through evaporation.

  • Crush Neem Seeds via Oil Expeller

Cleaned and dried neem seeds are then fed into the oil pressing machine. This machine crushes the seeds and puts high pressure on seeds continuously. It uses friction and pressure to make sure that none of the oil stays behind in the seeds. Constant friction may also produce high heat, raising the temperature above 140 °F. Oil starts coming out of the small opening of the expeller. (Read more: Oil Processing Machinery Manufacturer >>)

  • Filter Crude Oil

The oil that comes out of the nee oil extraction unit is not in its purified form. To make it of market standards, it is refined and filtered by using different techniques. This step is required to remove unwanted components from the oil and make it of market standards. After refining oil completely, it is put away in storage.

Above is the mechanical pressing for need oil extraction. When using solvent extraction method for neem oil making, solvents such as white gasoline or petrol are mixed with the seeds. The solvents then extract the neem oil from the seeds up to a specific percent. If need be, the seeds are pressed to produce the highest possible volume of good quality neem oil. For the seeds to produce fine quality oil, it is important to ensure that they are well woven dried to remove all moisture content.

Customized Neem Oil Extraction Solution Supplier

ABC Machinery can provide custom-made plan for neem oil production according to different requirements and budget. The capacity of oil mill plant designed by us ranges from 5~500 tons per day, which can almost meet all mini, small, medium or industrial need oil processing.

Neem Oil Extraction Plant Supplier\
Neem Oil Extraction Plant Supplier

The neem oil extraction machinery for neem oil production project is decided by the neem oil extraction method. Generally, the cost and price for a neem oil extraction plant setup is decided by its equipment and oil extraction technology. To get your customized plant for neem oil production business, just contact us, we can offer professional guidances!

How Neem Oil is Extracted by Oil Press Machine?

How to make need oil? Factory price extraction machinery for high quality neem oil making: buy neem oil extraction unit from vegetable oil mill equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of neem oil extraction process and business plan to set up neem oil processing project in Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, etc., at low cost.

Importance of Neem Oil

Acid Contained in Neem Oil Linoleic Acid Oleic Acid Palmitic Acid Stearic Acid Alpha-linolenic Acid Palmitoleic Acid
Composition range 6–16% 25–54% 16–33%  9–24% not provided not provided

Despite neem oil being a vegetable oil, it is not safe for human consumption. As such, the oil can't be used for cooking. The most common uses of this oil are such as preparing cosmetics like soap, hair products & body creams, treatment of fever, acne and as ayurvedic remedies, in formulating pesticides, and in making mouth wash products. The herbal quality of neem oil is crucial in eradicating virus and bacteria, and as such, the oil is widely used in formulating antiseptics. (You may also like mini oil mill machinery price)

Neem Oil Applications
Neem Oil Applications

Research studies on the internal use of neem oil show that the oil causes liver damage especially in children. In addition to this, pregnant mothers or those trying to conceive should not use neem oil products. This vegetable oil has great importance for having certain antioxidants, fatty acids, and antimicrobial components in it. For that reason, it is widely used in the following fields.

  • Cosmetics Industry

In the cosmetic industry, it is mainly used to make shampoos, soaps, and hand creams. It helps in healing wounds present on the skin and also protects the skin from certain infections. It also keeps the hair moisturized and promotes its growth.

  • As a Household Pesticides

Neem oil has certain components that make it suitable to be used against household and garden pests. It does not harm important insects present in the garden if it is given in the right dose which makes it a preferable pesticide. 

Other than these famous uses, there are many other uses of neem oil which show this oil has great importance in different industries.

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