How To Operate Screw Oil Press Correctly

Screw oil press is a key part in edible oil processing, therefore, how to correctly operate it becomes the decisive factor of oil yield. Below are the regulations of correctly operating the screw oil press machine.

screw oil press

  1. Before starting the machine, check if the oil seed conveying system and the screw oil press are normal or not. If there is no problem, start the machine and see its running status. It is forbidden to start the machine with material.

  2. Screw oil press operating procedures:
  • Raise the barrel temperature. There must be enough initial temperature in the barrel to form a good pressing condition to ensure the normal oil output. At the same time adjust the physical parameters of the oil material to certain moisture and temperature, in order to meet the requirements of the oil pressing process. Way to improve the barrel temperature met: manually fill the barrel with oil cake which is added some hot water or heated material flakes to repeatedly grind the machine about 10 to 20 minutes. It is strictly prohibited to use sand instead of oil material. It is required that when the material enters barrel, the temperature of the spindle is 115 to 130℃, and when normally started, the temperature of the barrel is gradually increased from the oil cake outlet to the feeding side. Otherwise, the barrel will block. The machine performance requires continuous operation.
  • The feeding should be even, and be adjusted according to the oil cake outet status. Otherwise, it may cause uneven pressure, and sometimes material "bridging" phenomenon. Intermittent material feeding will form a blockage in barrel, the pressure suddenly increase will damage the screw oil press, and even cause pressing worm to crack. Therefore, operators must be familiar with material feeding; if there is abnormal situration, immediately shut down the screw oil press for inspection.
  • To maintain a stable load. The barrel must have sufficient pressure to guarantee normal production, while the pressure related to a variety of factors. To obeserve pressure is to look at the current indication, the operating current is 12 ~ 14A. If the current indication suddenly increases, it indicates that the pressure of the barrel is abnormal, so the pressure should be reduced or stop feeding and adjust the cake gap. If still no improvement, stop the press to check. The normal cake thickness is 1.5 ~ 3mm.
  • Judge the operating state. The normal oil discharging position mainly concentrated in the former several pressing rings and the pressing bar ring, the oil is limpid. If the oil position moves toward the feeding end, it represents the material water content is too high, and it is hard to form normal pressure. Neither forward nor backward is good to oil yield. Normal residue discharge amount is 3 to 5%. If the pressing bar extrudes out flake resiude, it means the material water content is too high. If the residue is power, that means water content is too low and also affects the barrel pressure in relation to the rate of oil and oil residual oil rate. Normal oil cake is tile shape with elasticity and hardness, smooth surface with no grease, and with stripes on the back. If the oil cake is in big particles, soft and hard to break, it represents the main shaft temperature is too low, and the barrel is easy to block.
  1. In normal operation of the screw oil press, often inspect the current, equipment sound, material temperature, oil discharge, and the cake quality. If there is something abnormal, timely adjust or stop processing.

  2. The operator must be familiar with the screw oil press performance, structure, dismounting and commissioning skills, in order to continually improve the oil yield efficiency and oil quality.

  3. The oil cake cannot be packed until cooled to 40℃ so as to prevent spontaneous combustion and fire.

  4. After working, shut down the power, clean up the working environment and equipment.

  5. If the power is cut, loosen the worm shaft and clean the barrel.

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