Mini Oil Mills Business Plan: Tools, Techniques, and Project Cost

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The consumption of edible oils is being boosted up day by day. And to overcome the required amount of edible oils the small scale industries such as mini oil mills play a vital role in it. When it comes to the role of the countries producing edible oils, USA holds the third position after India and China on top. Different types of oil seeds are grown like ground nuts, mustard, sunflower, etc. Mini oil mills are also a good source of income, and your ideal choice to start your oil making business. To know more  information about  mini oil mills business plan, you can click the  inquiry link below.

3TPD Oil Mill Plant Project
3TPD Oil Mill Plant Project
Small Scale Oil Refining Line
Small Scale Oil Refining Line

how to start your own production line with best business plan


Mini oil mills are used to produce edible oils, like mustard oil, palm oil and many other oils using the oil seeds. Basically, it is the best way to produce oils from oil seeds, and to fulfill the growing demand of the edible oils across the globe.

Make High Quality Edible Oil
Make High Quality Edible Oil
Oil Type Advantage
mustard oil
1. It contains unsaturated fat, which helps to lower cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.
2. Reduce excess weight, so it is recommended for people who lose weight.
3. Reduce hair loss and supplement vitamins
palm oil
1. Olive oil helps to reduce the level of obesity and fight osteoporosis and arthritis.
2. Supplement the body with micronutrients. The benefits of long-term consumption of olive oil also include that it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E


Different tools are used in the production of different types of oil from oil seeds. But, an oil press machine is indispensable, no matter what oil seed you use. You will also need a common screw oil press and a filter press, or you could rather choose an integrated oil press machine to filter the oil at one time. You would also need different types of tools for the production of different types of oils, for example- you are able to select peanut sheller, if you are extracting peanut oil, you should take disc huller into consideration, if you are extracting cotton seed oil.

Pretreatment Section of 10TPD Oil Extraction Plant
Pretreatment Section of 10TPD Oil Extraction Plant
10TPD Oil Mill Plant of Oil Press Part
10TPD Oil Mill Plant of Oil Press Part
3T Oil Refine Line
3T Oil Refine Line

1. The pressing parts of the mini oil mills (5-20TPD)-
After a lot treatment from the oil seeds, the raw material is sent to the pressing workshop, where the oil is extracted from the seeds and nuts. The mini oil mill connects a series of tools in order to extract the oil, some of the tools are- screw elevator, screw press, cleaning sieve, etc. All these machine work together to ensure oil extraction, and these tools has also a lot more advantages, they save land space, labor work, low costing and wide application for vegetable seeds and nuts.

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2. The refining parts of the mini oil mills (1-20TPD)-
The refining is the process of removing, gums, waxes, free fatty acids and other impurities in the oil to make it suitable for edible purpose. The main processes used in refining are, neutralizing, deodorizing, etc. But, the selection of the processes is dependent on the quantity of the raw material you choose.

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Small oil mill plant test machine video

how to start your own production line with best business plan


As mini oil mils are the example of small scale industries, their project costs are far cheaper than the large companies. The main areas of investment in the mini oil mills are, the building, the machinery. Other then that you would also have to look on the miscellaneous assets along with the P&P expenses and working capital margins. You will also have to invest on the stock of the raw materials to run the mini oil mill.

Preliminary investment budget

  • Site rent: If investors have some controlled rooms in their houses, they can be separated out to make processing workshops, so that a lot of expenditure can be saved. On the contrary, investors need to rent an empty factory building of tens of square meters in the local area.
  • Decoration cost: The decoration of the oil mill is relatively simple. Investors only need to buy some paint to whiten the wall. In order to attract the attention of consumers, investors also need to invite people from the decorating company to decorate.
  • Equipment cost: investors also need to buy a set of oil pressing equipment

In general, to open a small oil mill, the investment cost does not need to spend too much money, but a clear business plan must be made in advance. ABC machinery is a professional oil mill machinery manufacturer that is dedicated to the research and development of environmentally friendly oil processing equipment. Our oil mill machinery has been exported to more than 60 countries. And the Cooking Oil Manufacturing Project supplied by ABC Machinery has been installed and operated in 45 countries and regions all over the world. If you  have an idea to build your own small scale please tell us your needs ! Our oil processing equipment runs well locally, and we strive to provide full service for our customers!


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