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How to Start a Mustard Oil Business? If this is the first business plan you want to write, start with a simple business mechanism. There are 4 crucial considerations to make during this initial stage:

  •    Market Demand-What are the target market preferences of Mustard Seed Oil industry?

  •    Site Selection-Where to produce and store mustard oil?

  •    Production Equipment-Do you possess a mustard oil extraction plant

  •     Marketing Strategies-Who are your target customers: end users or refineries?

If you are considering starting a mustard oil manufacturing business, then you need a mustard oil manufacturing business plan. On this page, ABC Machinery will guide you through the solutions step by step. 

how to start your own production line with best business plan

1. How to Decide the Target Market for Mustard Oil Plant?

Mustard Oil Market Analysis
Find the Mustard Oil Market (Closest to Your Target Customer)

  • Mustard Oil Retailing Yields Highest Profits

According to the distribution channels, the mustard oil market is divided into retail markets, supermarkets and department stores, with retail markets accounting for approximately 60% of the total profit. Therefore, the closer the mustard oil market is to scale, the easier it is for you to sell mustard oil.

  • Talking with Targeting Customers to Estimating Mustard Oil Production

Additionally, the proximity of your market also plays a crucial role, as selling to distant or scattered markets can increase your logistical costs by up to 30%Simply talk to your neighbors to find out how much mustard oil they buy in a month. In this way, coupled with market research, can help you determine the potential scale of your operations.

Investment Analysis: Mustard Oil's Global Market Potential

Mustard oil is very popular in the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia. It has numerous health benefits, including being a stimulant, antifungal, and insect repellent. Its natural qualities are now attracting interest in the European and American markets, which makes mustard oil a potentially lucrative product to produce and sell. Investing in a mustard oil project is especially appealing given that the oil per seed has a high yield, ensuring a profitable return on investment.

Mustard Oil Global Market
Mustard Oil Global Market

The companies in the world that deals with Mustard Oil mainly concentrate following regions.
Regions Sub Regions
North America USA, Canada and Mexico etc.
Asia-Pacific China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia
The Middle East and Africa Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, and South Africa
Europe Germany, France, the UK, Russia, and Italy
South America Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, etc.

2. What Factors Determine the Choice of an Optimal Mustard Oil Plant Site?

To operate your mustard oil business, you'll need a physical location for production or storage of the oil and raw materialsFour considerations can assist you in selecting an ideal location for a mustard oil making plant.

  •   Cost & Budget Analysis for Mustard Oil Production Projects

As a successful startup, keeping costs low is paramount. If your operations allow for it, working from home can be a viable option. This approach not only saves you a significant amount of money, but also alleviates the stress of finding a suitable commercial space. The funds saved can then be utilized for marketing or transportation expenses in the future.

  •   Ensuring Convenient Transportation

An ideal mustard oil plant location should be close to major roads, railways, or waterways, reducing transportation costs and improving logistics efficiency. It shows that reducing transportation distances by just 10% can result in a 5% reduction in overall logistics costs.

  •   Optimal Altitude Considerations

According to studies, equipment efficiency can drop by up to 15% at high altitudes due to reduced air density. It is recommended to choose a location at a moderate altitude for setting up a mustard oil plant. This can avoid potential equipment efficiency reductions caused by high altitudes while ensuring the stability of the production environment.

  •   Proximity to Reliable Water Source

Although mustard oil production does not require large amounts of water like some industries, a stable water source is still necessary for cleaning production equipment and cooling processes. Therefore, it is advisable to locate the mustard oil plant close to a reliable water source, such as rivers or lakes. This not only ensures a steady water supply but also facilitates emergency responses.

Frankly speaking, the main purpose of making a business plan is to grasp the overall picture and save costs. If you are interested in building a mustard oil mill, you have any questions about writing a business plan or choosing a location. Please contact us for a free quote!

How to start your own production line with the best business plan

3. How to Select a Cost-effective Mustard Oil Extraction Machinery?

To ensure success in the mustard oil business, investing in a mustard oil refinery tailored specifically for mustard seeds is crucial. According to the content of the mustard oil business plan, you also need a mustard oil pressing ling & refining line. ABC Machinery will provide you with some suggestions.

  • Clarify Your Production Needs for a​ T​ailored Solution

Small Scale Mustard Oil Mill Plant for sale
Small Scale Mustard Oil Mill Plant for sale
Household Mustard Oil Factory in India
Mustard Oil Extraction Factory in India

Determine your production scale, i.e., how many mustard seeds you need to process per hour or per day? Consider the level of automation required and choose between fully automatic or semi-automatic equipment to meet your unique production needs.


Small-Scale Mustard Oil Refinery

Large Commercial Refinery

Production Capacity        



Application Range

individual households or small-scale commercial needs.

scenarios where there is a substantial demand for mustard oil either for commercial sale, industrial applications, or large-scale distribution networks.

  • Select High-Performance Equipment to Boost Productivity

Complete mustard oil refining Line is a sophisticated engineering system, involving steps like receiving and storing seeds, cleaning and screening, crushing and grinding, oil extraction, refining, and storage/packaging. Focusing on performance indicators such as oil yield and residual oil rate ensures that the equipment you purchase is an efficient, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly mustard oil production line.

  • Quality Assurance through User Feedback

Check user reviews and feedback before making a purchase. This will give you a better understanding of the mustard oil equipment's actual performance and durability in real-world applications.

  • Choose Regular Channels for Better After-Sales Service

Buying through official channels or from well-reviewed merchants ensures reliable after-sales service and maintenance support. This is essential for the smooth operation of your mustard oil processing business.

Oil Refining Machines--ABC Machinery”
Oil Refining Machines--ABC Machinery

After decades of development, ABC Machinery is now a manufacturer and supplier of TOP oil plants in China, and has transformed into a modern large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales, after-sales service and trade. And we are actively exploring overseas markets, and strive to provide more customers with high-quality equipment, sales consulting and installation services. If you want to provide a perfect solution for your refinery machinery investment, please contact us!


The following project is the 60TPD mustard oil production line of ABC Machinery in India.

India 60TPD mustard oil production line

If you plan to start a mustard oil manufacturing company, then a complete vegetable oil processing plant will include all the oil production processes, which can guarantee the quality of the final oil and daily operations. (Related Article: Factory Costs of Petroleum Plants >>) In addition, you can also enjoy lower prices and purchase a complete set of equipment at once! If you are interested in establishing a mustard oil extraction plant, please contact us for a free quote!

Ask about prices and fees

4. How Can We Establish Effective Mustard Oil Marketing Strategies?

  • For Large Commerical Mustard Oil Companies

According to your customers, whether it is an original user or another business, it is important to establish brand positioning and differentiation, forge partnerships across various channels, and enhance product visibility through branding initiatives and strategic pricing. You need to develop a marketing plan.

  • For Small-scale Individual Custmers

If you will sell directly to consumers, the focus should be on leveraging online sales platforms, organizing trial campaigns and regular promotions to foster trust. You may need to invest in a website. Or, you can go to local shops and supermarkets.

After understanding the overall steps of the mustard oil business, we also need to know the cost of building an oil plant and the factors that affect the cost. Of course, our common goal is to obtain the highest return at the lowest cost. Here, we will provide you with free guidance on factory construction! Please contact us!

how to start your own production line with best business plan


Project Investment Cost in Mustard Oil Business Plan

Land and Construction costs: depending on location and amenities

To build a mustard oil manufacturing business, you need a place that can hold all the machinery, raw materials, products, and other similar items. The price of the property (by region or country). It appears in developed areas, but less in less developed areas (such as villages).

For instance, in developed regions, the average cost of acquiring a plot of land suitable for an oil mill ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. In developing countries, the cost of land suitable for industrial use can be significantly lower, ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 per acre. 

Raw Material Cost: Fluctuating due to quality, variety, and market demand

Another factor that will affect the cost of building your entire new factory is the raw materials you will use. When you build a mustard oil processing plant, the main raw material will be mustard seeds. Its cost will depend on various factors, like the quality, variety, and market demand. For example, in Canada, the average price of mustard seeds ranges from $0.35 to $0.45 per pound for yellow mustard seeds and $0.40 to $0.50 per pound for brown mustard seeds.

Meanwhile, here are four questions to help you consider the cost of mustard seeds:

  • What type of mustard seeds are you buying?

  • How many mustard seeds do you buy every month?

  • Where do you need to ship it?

  • Who is your supplier? 

Labor Costs: Considering workforce numbers required, skill levels

When you build a mustard oil plant, you need to run a worker mechanism, maintain it to increase production. The average monthly salary of a worker in the oil processing sector ranges from $500 to $1000, depending on their skill level and responsibilities. Therefore, when setting up your mustard oil production plant, it's essential to consider not only the number of workers required but also their skill levels, as this directly impacts labor costs.

Equipment Price:Impacted by productive capacity, technology, efficiency

The cost of mustard oil plants will depend on their production methods and consumption. Make sure to recycle everything that can be returned to the system. By implementing recycling initiatives, you can reduce waste and lower production costs.
In addition, investing in high-quality machinery may entail higher initial costs, but it can lead to up to a 20% increase in production efficiency, consequently, higher profits.
The video below shows the complete process of the mustard oil plant.


Click here to find out how profitable the mustard oil plant is >>


In short, writing a mustard oil business plan is the first step to a successful business. The focus of the program is to provide you with guidance at every stage of the start-up. As global warming causes more and more seed shortages, sourcing raw materials may become more difficult. However, you can use this as a reason to sell our products at high prices. Like all businesses, your success depends on the correct implementation of your business capability plan.

If you have any ideas or questions about the construction of the mustard oil project, please contact us! Our professionals from ABC Machinery Company will answer for you!

  • I am looking for edible oil filter press for mustard oil. Where are you located and how much are you selling.

  • Hello, dear. We are a Chinese manufacturer focusing on cooking oil processing machinery. We have various types and models oil filter machines that are all suitable for mustard oil filtering. Please tell us more about your needs, such as capacity, budget, etc., so we can advise you’re the suitable oil filter machine and send the price list together with machine parameters for your reference.

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