Mustard Oil Making

Mustard oil, one of the traditionally valued vegetable oils, has vast health benefits. It is extracted from pure mustard seeds and characterized by its strong smell and pungent taste. Mustard oil is widely used in external body, hair revitalization, and cooking, especially in India and Bangladesh communities.

Make Mustard Oil for Business
Make Mustard Oil for Business

Mustard oil is made either by pressing or grinding the mustard seeds to extract the oil and seed cake that can be used for animal feeds. With the invention of mustard seeds oil extraction machine, mustard oil processing is now easier, faster and automatic. (Related Post: How Much Profit in Mustard Oil Mill >>)

Mustard Oil Production Process - Five Steps

Mustard oil extraction process refers to the removal of oil from mustard seeds. The most cost-effective and widely used method for mustard oil manufacturing process is mechanical extraction by oil processing machines. While, the most cost-effective and efficient oil mill machine for mustard oil making is oil press machine (large scale type, small scale type and mini scale type). The extracted mustard oil can then purified by filtering and even refining process.  

small mustard oil making machines for sales

Small Scale Mill Plant for Mustard Seed Oil (Capacity: 0.8-20T/24H)

  • Mustard Seeds Drying

The mustard seeds are dried in the sun. This step is essential in removing any water that could deteriorate oil extraction process.

  • Mustard Seeds Cleaning

The dried mustard seeds are then cleaned, whereby all the dirt and foreign objects are removed from the mustard seeds to ensure the extracted oil is pure and of high quality.

  • Mustard Seeds Heating

The mustard seeds are then heated before oil pressing starts. Heating the seeds increases the quantity of the yield. The process also increases availability of protein in the by-product seed cake that is used for making animal feeds.

  • Mustard Oil Extraction

Well prepared mustard seeds are immediately fed into the mustard oil press machine, where the seeds are crushed and pressed for up to one hour or more depending on the quantity to produce approximately 26 percent oil. The crushing and pressing is continued further to extract all the oil from the seed cake.

  • Mustard Oil Purification

The final step involves filtering the extracted oil to remove impurities from the oil before the oil is bottled and stored. If want to produce high quality or high-end mustard oil, edible oil refining process is recommended.

Oil Mill Plant Installation
Oil Mill Plant Installation

If you are planning to start mustard oil making business, a complete vegetable oil processing plant that contains all the oil manufacturing process can ensure the quality of final oil and the efficiency of daily operation. (Related Post: Oil Mill Plant Cost >>) In addition, you can also enjoy a lower price to buy a complete set of equipment at a time! If you are interested in setting up Mustard Oil Mill Plant, please contact us to get the FREE Quotaton!

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Mustard Oil Mustard Extraction Machines Price and Cost

The basic mustard oil manufacturing processes described above has made it clear that what equipment is required.

For mustard seeds preparation, seeds cleaning machine, steaming or cooking machine and other equipment are highly recommended.
For oil extraction process, oil press machine is core equipment for the mustard oil extraction.
For extracted crude mustard oil, oil filter machine and oil refining unit can greatly improve the quality, taste, colors and shelf life of final produced mustard oil.

Mini/Smallest Mustard Oil Mill Machines Parameters - ABC Machinery

Model Capacity(T/24H) Power(KW) imensions(MM) Weight(KG)
YZS-68 Oil Press 0.8-1 5.5 920*390*750 150
YZS-80 Oil Press 2-3 5.5 1540*540*620 370
YZS-95 Oil Press 5 11 1920*550*765 480
YZS-100 Oil Press 4-5 7.5 1910*610*765 550
YZS-120 Oil Press 6 15 1970*700*780 680
YZS-130 Oil Press 9-12 18.5 2320 *700 *780 820
YZS-165 Oil Press 15-20 22-30 2290*750*1020 1600

Aboved listed are the small mustard oil press machine that is more suitable to set up mini or small scale mustard oil mill plant. ABC Machinery is the leading oil mill machinery supplier and manufacturer in China. Buy the mustard oil processing machiens from ABC Machinery, we promise to offer you the most favorable price, feel free to contact as for detailed price for single machine or estimated cost for complete oil mill plant!

Commercial Mustard Oil Plant Setup in India [Project Report]

60TPD Mustard Oil Production Line InIndia
50-60TPD Mustard Oil Production Line InIndia
Largemustard Oil Production Line In India
Largemustard Oil Production Line In India


The 60 tons per day large scale mustard oil production plant was built in India and the whole project was completed in 2019. Now, it has been in normal production. To max the oil yield and lower the investment cost, we were totally in charge of the factory design, equipment selection, process confirmation, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training for the local workers. Our customer was very satisfied with it. Welcome to contact us for more information about commercial mustard oil plant!

Mustard Oil Uses

  • Antifungal and antibacterial: Mustard oil is widely used due to its health benefits when used externally and internally. One of the health benefits of mustard is that it is an antibacterial and anti-fungal. The oil when taken internally fights bacteria in the intestines and the colon while externally, it is used to treat rashes as well as bacteria and fungal infections on the skin. The presence of Allyl Isothiocyanate in mustard oil prohibit fungal growth, and spread of fungal infections that may have already occurred.
  • Hair revitalization: Mustard seed is also used as a hair revitalizer whereby it is used in the treatment of itchiness, dandruff, baldness and greying hair. This is due to the presence of minerals and vitamins in the oil that heals dryness and itchiness of the scalp in addition to stimulating hair growth.
  • Skin therapy: Mustard oil is also widely used in body massage due to its health benefits on the skin. The oil contains vitamin E that protects the skin damage caused by ultraviolet lights in addition to promoting immunity and blood circulation. Caution should however be taken when using mustard oil to massage babies as the oil is believed to damage skin permeability.
  • Cardiac health improvement: The oil is also believed to to lower health related illnesses if consumed moderately. This is due to the presence of mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats that helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the body.

The major advantage of mustard oil is that it is highly economical to use based on its varied uses. The invention of mustard oil making machine has also made the oil extraction easier, thus making the oil cheap and affordable.

Mustard Oil Production Line Video

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