Oil Filling Line

A Comprehensive Overview of Oil Filling Lines

Oil filling line is a sophisticated production line used to automate the process of filling various types of oils into containers, such as bottles, cans, drums, or barrels. It is commonly employed in industries that handle edible oils, automotive oils, industrial lubricants, and other oil-based products. Here, we specifically focus on introducing the edible oil filling line.

ABC Machinery offers tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client in thier edible oil filling business.

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Edible Oil Filling Line Applications & Specifications

Filled Edible Oil Types

Coconut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, canola oil, olive oil, corn oil, etc., which are used for cooking and food preparation.

Filling Volume (ml)

100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 900ml, 1L, 1.5L, 1.8L, 2.5L, 4L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 20L and more

Packaging Types

PET bottles,Glass bottles,Tin cans

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How does the Oil Filling Machines Work?

Edible Oil Filling Line Flow Chart
Edible Oil Filling Line Flow Chart

The oil filling line typically comprises several integrated components, including a conveyor system, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, and a packaging unit. The oil bottle filling line works through a series of integrated processes to efficiently and accurately fill oil into bottles. The process includes the following steps:

  • Bottle Loading​: Empty bottles are loaded onto the conveyor system, either manually or through an automated mechanism.

  • Bottle Conveyance: Bottles filled with empty bottles are placed on the conveyor, which transports them through the cooking oil filling processing line.

  • Bottle Cleaning: Ensuring bottles are free from contaminants involves using specialized equipment like bottle washers and bottle dryers for efficient and thorough cleaning.

  • Oil Filling: As the bottles move along the conveyor, the oil filling machine dispenses the precise amount of oil into each bottle, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

  • Capping: After filling, the bottles are conveyed to the capping machine, which tightly seals them to prevent leakage or contamination.

  • Labeling: The bottles then proceed to the labeling machine, where product information and labels are applied to enhance branding and compliance.

  • Packaging: Once labeled, the bottles are efficiently prepared for distribution or sale, ensuring a streamlined packaging process.

Throughout the oil filling process, quality control measures are implemented to Assure the filled bottles meet oil industry standards and customer expectations.  ABC Machinery provides you more rational edible oil process with fewer operators required. Click the button below to let us know your requirements, and we will offer you with a tailor-made, affordable oil filling line business plan!


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Highlights of the Oil Filling Line

  • Streamlined Production:Oil filling lines automate the entire filling process, optimizing production efficiency and reducing manual labor requirements.

  • Precise Filling:Advanced filling technologies ensure accurate and consistent filling, minimizing product wastage and ensuring uniform product quality.

  • Versatility:Oil filling lines can handle a wide range of oil types and packaging formats, offering flexibility to meet diverse production needs.

  • Customization Options:Many oil filling lines can be tailored to specific requirements, accommodating various bottle sizes and production volumes.

  • Cost-effectiveness:Investing in oil filling lines leads to long-term cost savings through increased productivity and reduced labor expenses.

Classification of Filling Machines

Edible oil filling machines are categorized based on different specifications and requirements. There are two main classifications: based on packaging bottles/containers transmission and based on the degree of automation.

Classification by Packaging Bottles/Containers Transmission


  • Linear Type Edible Oil Filling Machine:

Operating in a linear fashion, this machine intermittently transfers bottles or containers from one station to another for filling, capping, and other packaging processes. It offers flexibility and can be integrated into existing production lines, making it suitable for oil factories with limited space or tight budgets.

  • Rotary Type Edible Oil Filling Machine:

Featuring a rotating turntable, this machine handles bottles or containers and moves them through filling stations. It excels in high-speed production and is ideal for large-scale edible oil manufacturing.

Classification by the Degree of Automation

  • Semi-Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine:

Requiring some manual intervention, this machine involves operators in tasks like bottle positioning and monitoring the filling process. It is suitable for factories with moderate production volumes and offers an economical option compared to fully automatic machines.

  • Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine:

Operating without significant operator intervention, this fully automated machine completes the entire filling process, including container feeding, filling, capping, and labeling. Equipped with advanced sensors and controls, it ensures precise and consistent filling, making it ideal for high-volume commercial edible oil production.

Starting your own production line with the best business plan involves choosing the most suitable filling machine based on your production needs, efficiency requirements, and budget constraints. Each type of edible oil filling machine offers distinct advantages, and selecting the right one will contribute to the success and profitability of your edible oil manufacturing venture.


Oil Filling Line Investment Market & Successful Projects 

The oil filling line investment market presents a promising landscape for entrepreneurs and investors alike. With the ever-increasing demand for edible oils, lubricants, and other oil-based products, the need for efficient and reliable oil filling solutions is soaring. As a result, the market for oil filling lines is witnessing steady growth, driven by factors such as automation advancements, technological innovations, and the pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions.

Huge Investment Potential —— Start a Edible Oil Filling Line
Huge Investment Potential —— Start a Edible Oil Filling Plant

Investing in an oil filling plant offers a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the expanding oil industry. Manufacturers and suppliers across various sectors seek cutting-edge filling equipment to streamline production processes, enhance product quality, and cater to market demands. By deploying state-of-the-art oil filling lines, businesses can gain a competitive edge, increase production efficiency, and ultimately maximize profitability.

Successful Project Display: 1500 Bottle/hour Coconut Oil Filling Line in Sri Lanka

90 Degree Turning Conveyor
90 Degree Turning Conveyor
Bottle Washing Machine
Bottle Wahser
Capping Machine
Capping Machine
Oil Filling Machine
Oil Filling Machine

Just like this 1500 bottle per hour coconut oil filling line, successful projects in the oil filling line industry serve as inspiring case studies for potential investors. From small-scale edible oil filling setups to large-scale complete cooking oil production lines, these success stories showcase the vast potential and rewards that the oil filling line investment market has to offer.


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