Oil Pressing Line

Large Scale Oil Pressing Line is designed to use physical mechanical oil pressing method to exact oil out from the oil seeds. The mechanical oil pressing method has many advantages, such as simple process, less processing machines, easy operation, flexible production, continuous running, good oil and cake quality, etc.

Raw material & Capacity

Raw material range: The mechanical oil pressing way usually is suitable for all kinds of raw materials, such as peanut/groundnut, soybean, sunflower seed, corn germ, palm kernel, copra, mustard, cottonseed, castor, sesame, canola/rapeseed, flax seed, etc.

Capacity: ranges from 10TPD to 500TPD. ABC Machinery also could make Turnkey Project according to different customers’ requirements.


For standard equipped oil press line, usually it includes cleaning, crushing, flaking, cooking, oil pressing and oil filtering process. But according to different customers’ requirements, different raw materials and different capacity, we will design and CUSTOMIZE different processing technology for each project. For example, cottonseed and peanut need shelling before oil pressing, sesame does not need crushing and flaking before pressing; or some customer will require extruding process for soybean raw materials, etc.


Main Machines used in the oil pressing plant
Seed Cleaning Machine Seed Cleaning Machine

Seed cleaning machine which includes cleaning sieve and destone machine, is used in oil pressing line to remove impurities from oil raw materials, such as stones, irons...

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Crushing Machine Crushing Machine

The Crushing machine is designed to crush the raw materials into small pieces in order to meet the flaking condition in oil pressing plant. Beat quality and price....

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Flaking Machine Flaking Machine

The flaker is designed to use the mechanical extruding force, make the particle material into flake material in oil pressing line. It helps to improve oil yield....

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Steam Cooking Machine Steam Cooking Machine

The steam cooking machine (steam cooker) uses steam to wet, heat and then cook the oil raw material in oil processing plant. it also improves oil yield....

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Oil Press Machine Oil Press Machine

Oil press machine (oil expeller) is designed to use physical mechanical pressing way to press oil out from the oil seeds. Single machine capacity 10-200TPD....

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Oil Filter Machine Oil Filter Machine

After pressing, we use the oil filtering machine to clean the crude oil firstly to remove most of the mechanical impurities before going to the oil refining process....

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