Seed Cleaning Machine

The cleaning machine is designed to remove the impurities in the raw materials, such as stones, irons, plant leafs, straws, dust, etc. It usually includes cleaning sieve, destoning machine, magnetic selector and dust remover machines, etc. It is necessary pretreatment process in the oil pressing plant. After cleaning, it could increase the oil yield, improve oil and cake quality, improve machines processing capacity, ensure machines safe working and clean working environment.

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cleaning sieveCleaning Sieve 

The cleaning sieve machine is suitable for oil seed cleaning before grain storage; it is also suitable for cleaning and classifying in the industries of milling, feed, rice, chemicals, food, oil extraction and other industries. This machine can clean raw materials through the replacement of different pore size sieve.

The Characters of Cleaning Sieve Machine

  • The simple structure, small size, light weight;
  • Smooth running, low noise, low power consumption;
  • Good leakproofness, easy operation and maintenance of the machine.

Technical Parameter of Cleaning Sieve:
Model Screen Size(cm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Packing Size
Pre-cleaning Cleaning
TQLZ60*100 60*100 12 4 2*0.25 360 2250*1618*1463
TQLZ100*100 100*100 20 7 2*0.25 420 2555*1618*1463
TQLZ100*150 100*150 30 11 2*0.37 520 2555*1618*1519
TQLZ100*200 100*200 40 14 2*0.37 540 3045*1618*1565
TQLZ150*150 150*150 45 16 2*0.75 630 2555*2202*1656
TQLZ150*200 150*200 60 22 2*0.75 650 3045*2202*1753
TQLZ180*200 180*200 72 26 2*1.1 1000 3105*2558*1998

de-stone machineDestone Machine

Introduced new techniques from SANGATI Company of Italy, the machines are used for the pre-cleaning and cleaning during the processing. It is widely used in the flour milling factory, rice plant, material plant, food plant and oil processing works.

The Highlights of Destone Machine

  • Two layers of screen design, separate the heavy impurities and light impurities complete and efficiently;
  • Simplify cleaning procedures and improve efficiency;
  • Double vibration motors driving, balanced running, optimized designing for better.

Technical Parameter of Destone Machine
Model Pressure of wind
Packing Size
TQSF63 <980 3-5 0.25*2 280 1450*876*1800
TQSF80 <980 5-7 0.25*2 345 1450*1046*1800
TQSF100 <980 7-9 0.25*2 400 1500*1246*1900
TQSF125 <980 9-11 0.25*2 500 1500*1496*1920
TQSF150 <980 11-14 0.37*2 600 1500*1746*1800
TQSF175 <980 14-18 0.37*2 750 1500*1996*1800
TQSF200 <980 16-20 0.37*2 1000 1500*2246*1900
TQSF250 <980 20-22 0.37*2 1050 1500*2796*1920
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