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ABC Machinery is now visiting oil mill plant clients in Karachi, Pakistan, aiming at help our clients fully develop the market potential of edible oil milling business in Pakistan, and also exploit new clients for our company.

ABC Machinery visiting pakistan

Photos Display  of ABC Machinery's Visit to A Client in Pakistan

Across the globe, entrepreneurship increases on a large scale in many countries and Pakistan plays the major role in it. Many industries play a vital role to increase the GDP of the country. For example, Oil mills or Oil Industries. Considering the small scale Industries steps are taken to plant mini oil mil Industries.

Edible oil consumption increases in large scale in many countries to improve the health of human economic life. But making money with through setting up mini oil industries are improving in Pakistan.

50 Ton/D Fish Oil Solvent Extraction Line In Pakistan
50Ton/D Fish Oil Solvent Extraction Line in Pakistan

Oil Consumption in Pakistan:

Pakistan Edible Oil Conference (PEOC) stated that the oil demand and the consumption have increased in a large way. The production of the edible oils inside country increased globally, for the benefits of the entire stakeholder. For notability, edible oils production in 2015-2016 was about only 14% from the local Industries, as the consumption made higher imports into Pakistan. 

The import of the edible lies around 3 Million Tons per annum (2017). As the population grows, the consumption of the edible oils are calculated to increase from 3% - 5%.

At present, plays major production of edible oil production, but still the country continues to rely on imports from other countries.

cooking oil yield in pakistan

Edible Oil Milling Business Market in Pakistan:

The contribution towards the market is truly exemplary. It is particularly in highlighting and analyzing the oil demand, consumption, importing and local production. They are besides the current situation and trends in the respect price. They mostly depend on the international market outlook, production, availability of the stock for the benefit of contributor.

The overall experience in the fields of edible oil market has been increased from commercial and industrial exposure to international markets and business relationship with renowned world suppliers. The views on indigenous oilseed production are the current scenario of edible oil industry in Pakistan.

The major oilseed crops are canola, sunflower, mustard and cotton seeds. For cotton seed there was about 14 percent drop due to the reason of sharp declining in sowing area. These results in exceptional losses to the farmers in the form of pest infestation and low prices at the time of sowing when compared to other crops like sugarcane and maize.

edible oil in pakistan

The decrease of mustard and rape seed has been in the production by the post negative growth over the years due to the decrease in sowing area. The edible oil import has risen in the calendar year 2017 around three million tons and as same as the import of oil seeds.

The edible oil consumption is expected to rise on yearly basis due to the reason of growing population around the world. The rise will be three percent with minimum range and five percent with maximum range over every year. It is an attractive market for the worldwide suppliers and also for local entrepreneurs.

The imperative thing is various associations are concentrating on the research and development of local oil and oil seeds as the dependency of Pakistan on the imported oils and seeds are enormous. The priority is mostly on wheat, cotton sugarcane and rice crops. But the unfortunate thing is there is no effort to increase the oilseed production.

How to Set Up A Mini Oil Mill Plant in Pakistan

As a business owner, unlike the international market, it’s important to capture the local market inside the country. With the small plant, small capacity pipeline, even smaller assembly will help the business to capture and retain the local customers to earn in decent digits. Smaller oil mill will contain the number of machinery to drive the workforce with higher efficiency, high yield value and ensure the workforce job security. The overall function is to install the machinery, train the employees, operate and increasing yield. All these can be done flawlessly with proper procedure.

This type of mini oil plants can process a variety of seeds to extract oil from them some mentions are rapeseeds, cotton seeds corn seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut kernels, palm kernels, seas am etc.

They need very little investment to get high-profit margins. Any person can implement such a process to become a business magnate.

Requirements for Small ​oil Mills:

There are many oil processing machinery in the market, based on the seed specifications the type of equipment are n in the process. But without the oil press machine, the extraction of the oil from the machine is impossible.

Other notable machineries:
  • Screw Oil Expeller: Main equipment in mini oil mills. It helps in extracting the oil from raw seeds.
  • Cooker: Also said to be “oilseed roasting Machine” supports the seed by warming them up before pressing for the oil. Depending on the crop material the before crushing, temperature and the water content is adjusted. It enhances the oil output from the seed.
  • Oil Filter press: for purifying the crude oil vegetable oils once after the pressing is done. These are the fundamental steps followed in the mini oil plants across in Pakistan.
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