Significance and Benefits of Setting up Oil Mill Plant

Both homesteads and certain industries use edible oil for their daily lives and operations. The oil is extracted from oil containing seeds or animals and can be used for frying, preparing meals, baking, flavoring and even making medicines. The oil is liquid at room temperature. However, some with saturated fat content like palm oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oils are in solid form. Most of the oil we use in our daily lives comes from oil mill plants which grind the products and deliver the finished edible oil to the economy. Therefore, these plants play a significant role in providing us with an essential commodity that we use daily.

Setting up oil mill plants is paramount to both the government and citizens. Let us take a look at some of the significance of setting an oil mill plant.

Significance of setting up oil mill plant

  1. They help crush oilseeds and squeeze animal products to come up with edible oil. Using the most current technology available in these plants, they can grind any oilseeds efficiently and squeeze the animal products to yield maximum oil that is used by different consumers.
  2. Supply natural oil to consumers. The products used at these plants pass through different stages, and at each stage no harmful chemical is added, or no modification is done. This, therefore, ensures that they only produce intrinsic oils without side effects to the consumers.
  3. The mill plants purify the oils well. Filtration at the plant is done at its best using modern facilities (edible oil refinery) ensuring the oil is transparent, pure and definite before being sent to the market.
  4. The yield of oil is high. At the plants, crushing is done using the most current technology that ensures no wastage. The oilseeds or animal products are ground under controlled machinery (oil pressing line) which in the end provides a high yield of oil.
  5. The plants use neutralizers to remove fatty acids. Oils produced from the mill plants are free of fatty acids, thanks to their use of neutralizers that aids this to help consumers not to become victims of health conditions caused by fatty acids.
3TPD oil pressing & refining line in Uganda
oil pressing & filtering line Uganda

Having looked at the significance of setting up oil plants, let us look at some of the benefits they come with.

Benefits of setting up oil mill plant

  1. The facilities offer employment opportunities to individuals. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world are employed at the oil mills as operators, security personnel, researchers among others. From there they can earn a living to make ends meet.
  2. The government receives revenue from taxing the plants. The government imposes the plants like any other facilities. The funds from here can be used by the government to run their activities.
  3. The plants supply edible oils to consumers. Households and certain companies who rely on edible oils for their operations benefit from the supply by the plants.
  4. The oil mills provide the community with social amenities. Some plants build social amenities to the surrounding community where they are located. They include activities such as building schools, hospitals, and construction of recreational facilities.
  5. The plants help manage waste. Waste management should be practiced to help maintain a clean and healthy environment. The oil mill plants collect seeds from around as well as animals which they process into useful commodities with the unwanted pieces being disposed of efficiently.
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