Small Oil Mill Plant Cost

Oil is a basic and daily requirement for the whole world. There are many plant sources of oil, including sunflower and variety of nuts. Extraction of oil from such seeds will only require careful pressing to get the oil. Sieving would represent the industrial refining process, since most of the large-particle impurities remain as residues on the sieve. Most small oil plants dwell under this principle.

Production of oil on an industrial scale is quite expensive especially due to the machines and skilled labor. However, small oil mill plant cost could be cheaper and sustainable. This is because the features of the plant are much simpler and less consuming. Although most of the machinery will handle small volumes of oil, you can optimize the whole system to increase productivity.

Features of a small oil mill plant

Although different seeds may require specialized equipment, there are basic features that define a small oil mill plant:
  • Crushers
They are mechanical equipment whose main purpose is to press or crack the oil source to extract oil. Since they are among the vital features, the machines relate to the initial small oil mill plant cost. There are sizeable nut crushers that have higher efficiencies with minimal operation costs. The nature of the cracker will depend on the subject oil source.
  • Boilers
Heating is an essential step in oil production to heat the kernels. The main reason why you will heat the kernels is to maximize oil production from the seeds. Steam boilers are the most sustainable since they can reduce mill plant costs when compared to electrical boilers. The husks and dry wastes fuel the boiler, which forms a sustainable system that is cheaper.
  • Filters
Oil needs to have high levels of purity and that is why many industrial oil producers will include a refining step in the processing process. Filters would perform well in concentrating the oil and removal of impurities. This can help reduce small oil mill plant cost instead of investing on the refining machinery.
  • Buffering
The stability of oil depends on the amounts of Free Fatty acids (FFA). The higher the level of unsaturation, the less stable the oil is and it will be prone to rancidity (deterioration). Addition of an alkaline solution to the oil before packing will solve this. This is especially for oils such as cottonseed oil that is quite unstable.

Small oil mill plant cost

For a small oil milling company, sustainability and recycling are its backbone. The main aim is to reduce operation costs to maximize profits. Here are some tips to an effective small oil plant:
  • The plant
Given the small nature of machinery, one room of about 6mx6m would be enough. It will enhance management of the whole process and reduce on operation costs.
  • Labor
Since it is a small plant, it is important to keep only the relevant. The best organization would be one manager (skilled) and a maximum of two non-skilled personnel. If you have some skills in oil production, it will be even cheaper for you.
  • ProcessIng units
Invest on equipments that are efficient with minimal to zero wastes. The small oil mill plant cost will depend on how productive they are, and how much they consume. Ensure you recycle anything that can go back into the system.
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