Small Oil Pressing Line

Our small oil pressing line consists of various equipments that work together to produce oil from oil rich seeds or nuts such as sunflower seeds, pea nut kernel, soy beans, cotton, sesame seeds and many others.

When the individual machines are linked to work together, the small oil processing line becomes autonomous. This brings great benefits to this mode of operation as opposed to more traditional oil processing machines.

The small oil pressing line composition

1. Cleaning sieve/screen
2. Oil seed cooker/roaster
3. Oil press/ oil extractor
4. Oil filter
5. Screw elevator/ conveyor

small oil pressing line


Main Machine Small Oil Press Capacity Range

Model Capacity (T/24H) Power (KW) Dimensions (MM) Weight (KG)
YZS-68 0.8-1 5.5 920*390*750 150
YZS-85 2-3 5.5 1540*540*620 370
YZS-90 4 7.5 1540*510*680 370
YZS-95 5 7.5 1920*550*765 480
YZS-100 4-5 11 1910*610*765 550
YZS-105 5-7 15 2140*550*765 580
YZS-120 6 15 1970*700*780 680
YZS-128 7-9 15 2010*600*1170 685
YZS-130 9-12 18.5 2320 *700 *780 820
YZS-165 15-20 22-30 2290*750*1020 1600

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Operation of small oil processing line

1. The oil rich seeds or nuts are first cleaned by passing them through the screening machine, to remove dust, rock particles, bad seeds and any other impurities in order to improve the overall quality of the end product cooking oil.

2. The cleaned oil seeds or nuts that have gone through the screening machine, go to the screw elevator which passes the seeds through the oilseed cooking machine, that cooks the seeds. This cooking process is beneficial in increasing the overall oil output of the seeds compared to oil from uncooked seeds/ nuts. This cooking machine offers options to run on a variety of fuels depending on what is most cheaply available.

3. The cooked seeds again rise through the screw elevator to the oil press machine, and are now ready for oil extraction. Oil is extracted when the seeds go through the oil press machine. The oil press machine can be an integrated oil press and filter machine that extracts oil and filters the oil off any impurity, or just a stand alone oil press which extracts the oil from the seeds and the oil can pass on to a separate filter machine.

4. Oil filtering machine filters oil that has been extracted from an oil extraction machine/ oil press that is not integrated with a filter, to produce a cleaner cooking oil.

Operation video of small oil pressing unit


Why you should buy our small oil pressing line?

  • Afford ability

Compared to large mills, the small oil pressing plant costs less to buy and install. This makes the small oil processing plant affordable and ideal for people who intend to start small scale cooking oil production.

  • Less floor space requirements

The small oil pressing line occupies a significantly smaller floor space which becomes a huge saving on the small scale cooking oil producer's side as he/ she doesn't have to rent a bigger-usually more expensive work shop space.

  • Reduced labor input

Our small oil processing line is semi autonomous, which means it only requires 2-3 workers compared to traditional oil processing machines which are very labor intensive. The reduced workers costs make a huge saving in terms of overall cooking oil production costs.

  • Cheaper cooking oil

The new improved small oil processing line invented 

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