Small Scale Sunflower Seed Oil Press Machine

The oil press machine is the heart of an oil pressing operation, but how it look or its structure will determine the ease of operation and the overall oil output rate. There are several types of these machines you will come across, however, we recommend two basic small scale sunflower seed oil press machines: one is conventional screw type, and the other is automatic press with vacuum filter.

Typically, the conventional screw small scale oil press machine is composed of a feeder, a gearbox, pressing cage, a screw shaft, and the extraction stand. All these are combined to realize continuous sunflower seed oil extraction with easier operations. The pressing chamber containing the pressing cage and the screw shaft is the key part of the functioning of this machine. the screw shaft on different modles is set up with various styles of screw, and they rotate when the machine is running to push the sunflower seed materials into the chamber. There the oil is separated out through extrusion of pressing worm as well as the pressing ring.

small scale sunflower seed oil press machine

The Automatic oil press with vacuum filter is an advanced model of the conventional screw type, helping save labor power as well as simplifies the oil processing step. It’s composed of a feeder, a press chamber, the electric control, the heating system inside the press cage, the vacuum filter drum and an oils sight glass that help the user control the speed of oil clearing process. Both of these machines are pretty good when it comes to processing sunflower seed oil, but the conventional one is a little cheaper than the one with vacuum filter. However, the automatic oil press machine will yield better sunflower seed oil and can be set up very quickly. Before use ensure you read the machine manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the performance characteristics and all the methods of operation. Conduct a comprehensive inspection before the start since mere recklessness can negatively impact the performance of the machine.

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Advantages of small scale sunflower seed oil press machine

  • sunflower oilLower price and more acceptable: although the price of small sunflower seed making machine will vary from the functional configuration and the machines capacity, they are generally cheaper that large-scale oil press machine hence more acceptable to a majority of customers.
  • Fewer requirements for operation: Both large and small oil pressing machines performs all the function necessary for edible oil production. However, small scale sunflower seed oil press machine are more convenient because they require fewer operation conditions like small space of operation.
  • Less labor requirement: Most small scale oil pressing machines only requires 2 to 3 person to run the whole line
  • Functional: small-scale oils pressing machines for sunflower seed are capable of handling both hot and cold pressing, other than that, they can also be used to press other types of oil seeds.
If you own a small or medium-sized oil extrusion workshop, then a small scale sunflower seed pressing machine is your ideal oil equipment. These machines feature a onetime squeeze, have low energy consumption, small footprints and above all require small investments.
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