15 TPD Sunflower Oil Extracting Machine Setup in Moldova

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Recently, one unit of 15 TPD sunflower oil extracting machine Moldova is setup, the customer has business plan to start the oil extraction factory and his raw material is sunflower oil cake. (Related article: how to extract sunflower oil)

15Ton/day Sunflower Oil refining project
15Ton/day Sunflower Oil Pressing & Refining project in Moldova

Sunflower oil extracting machine, mainly uses the working principle of solid and liquid separation to separate the oil, usually used in processing the left oil cake with high oil contentfrom the oil pressing factory  or directly extracting the pretreated oil materials with low oil content, suitable for making edible sunflower oil for sale or investing the oil production industy as business plan. (Related article: how to get oil from sunflower)

15TPD Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine Plant Setup


Main Process Main Machinery
Storing the sunflower cake Extractor storing tank
Separating the oil, solvent and water Extractor, mixing oil pipe, steam tower, separator.
Oil enters the oil box, while the water is discharged through the discharging pipe. Distribution box
Steaming off the solvent contained in the cake Evapo-separated machine
Sending the treated oil cake out of the material storing area Conveyor

Photos Display for Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine Moldova Setup Site 

Oil Pressing Machine in sunflower oil extraction factory
Oil Pressing Machine in Sunflower Oil Extraction Line
Cost-effective Sunflower Oil refinery
Factory Price Sunflower Oil Refinery

Buy sunflower oil extracting machine Moldova from solvent oil extraction plant equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of sunflower oil extraction process and business plan to set up sunflower oil extraction project in Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, etc., at low cost.

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Advantages of Buying Sunflower Oil Extracting Machine

  • High Quality Meal

Differ to pressing method, extracting oil with the sunflower oil extracting machine Moldova, the temperature is lower in the related steps. So, the final produced oil meal has higher quality whose protein has low degeneration degree. Such oil meal has high value of being used as feed raw materials, also it is easy to separate the protein form the oil meal. (Read more: mustard oil extraction process)

  • Low Residual Oil

Pressing method is the common oil making method, widely used in many kinds of oil production. But, during the pressing production, the oil cells cannot be destroyed completely, leaving a part of oil in the oil cakes. While, with the sunflower oil extraction machine, the residual oil rate can be controlled below 1%. (See more: groundnut oil extraction process)

  • Low Production Cost

Sunflower oil extracting machine requires a complete production with high mechanization degree, easy to realize the automation. It requires less people in the factory, reducing the labor cost, and low energy consumption during the production, reducing the production cost. (Related article: sesame oil extraction process)

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