Sunflower Oil Production

start sunflower oil production business
Start Sunflower Oil Production Business

Sunflower seed belongs to oil seed with shell, with oil content of 22-40%. As a common and increasingly popular  edible oil , sunflower oil ranks fourth among all vegetable oils in worldwide oil consumption, after palm oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil. And sunflower oil is one of the important cooking oils in European countries. For this reason, more and more people get interest in sunflower oil production business, and are willing to build cooking oil production line for sunflower. (Read more: Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

How to Make Sunflower Oil?

People who are interested in edible oil mill business or sunflower oil making making may want to know how to make sunflower seeds oil or what equipment required for sunflower oil production? And how much would cost to build a complete sunflower oil manufacturing factory? (Related post: Cost Setting up Edible Oil Plant >>)

Before starting to make sunflower oils, first you should make it clear what is the purpose of your sunflower oil production. Is it just for home use or farm use? Or it is for business purpose. If just for home use, it is pretty simple to make sunflower seed oil. Just buy a mini or home use sunflower seed oil press machine, you can extract sunflower oil at home. However, if it is for commercial purpose, either in small scale or large scale, it is necessary to equip professional sunflower oil production equipment to improve the oil production efficiency and lower the oil production cost. (Read more: Commercial Soybean Oil Processing Plant >>)

Small Sunflower Oil Production Line
Small Sunflower Oil Production Line
Large Commercial Sunflower Oil Plant Project
Large Commercial Sunflower Oil Plant Project

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Main Commercial Sunflower Oil Production Process

Sunflower Oil Production Process Flow Chart
Sunflower Oil Production Process Flow Chart
  • Sunflower Seeds Pretreatment Process

Select qualified sunflower seeds is the first step in the sunflower oil processing plant, the oil content had better be 30-50%. And the seed material contains certain impurities like sediment, stones, iron, filings, etc. which should be removed by cleaning sieve and magnetic separator. The next steps are peeling, cooking, softening and flaking etc. Among them, peeling before pressing is a very important step. If pressing with shell, the sunflower oil will contain more wax resulting large pressure in the later oil refining process. The shell absorbs oil, easy to cause oil loss. And the fiber in the shell will increase the wear of oil pressing machine.

  • Sunflower Oil Pressing Process

For sunflower oil production, physical mechanical pressing method is to produce sunflower oil out from sunflower seeds. It is designed with screw oil press machine to ensure high oil output, low energy consumption and less labor cost. Most important, compared to solvent plant, the investment cost is relatively small.

Commercial Sunflower Oil Production Plant Layout Design
Commercial Sunflower Oil Production Plant Layout Design

  • Crude Sunflower Oil Refining Process

If you make sunflower oil for cooking or for sale, it should be refined by sunflower oil refining machine. The refined sunflower oil has bright color, high nutrition value and good taste. The steps of sunflower oil refining are basically the same as those of other vegetable oils, including degumming, alkali refining, decolonization, deodorization, and dewaxing. After that, we get oil from sunflower seeds successfully.

Sunflower Oil Refining Machine for Sale
Sunflower Oil Refining Machine

Whether you want to make sunflower oil for self-use, or for sale, or for commercial use, or for investment, we offer you the professional service to meet your requirement of building sunflower oil processing plant. If you have any idea, please contact us directly!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Tips for Sunflower Oil Production

The wax content of sunflower seed oil can be reduced when sunflower seeds are husked.
In solvent extraction plant, prepressing can reduce the wax content in oil.
Sunflower oil can be eaten only after the antioxidant nutrients (chlorogenic acid, etc.) have been removed or purified/refined.

How to Set up Commercial Sunflower Oil Production Plant?

Start sunflower oil production line – factory price oil processing equipment for sunflower oil making: buy sunflower oil making machine from oil mill equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of sunflower oil production process and business plan to set up sunflower oil mill plant project in Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, etc., at low cost.

Sunflower Seeds Composistion

Sunflower Seeds Type  Color Length Width Shell Oil Content Oil Content of Sunflwer Seeds Kernel
Edible Sunflower Seeds Grey, Black with White 15~25mm 5~8mm 35~60% 22~35% 40~65%
Oil Sunflower Black 4~8mm 3~6mm 22% 45~54% -

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