Mastering Multi-Material Oil Processing

If you're interested in vegetable oil processing, then you're probably aware of the importance of selecting the right materials for your edible oil production process. Different materials have different properties, and selecting the right ones can make a big difference in terms of efficiency and profitability. In this column, we'll explore various materials used in cooking oil processing and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Invest in Quality Materials for Optimal Edible Oil Processing

The production of cooking oil involves the utilization of diverse raw materials, including soybean, sunflower seed, peanut/groundnut, rapeseed, rice bran, cotton seed, corn germ, sesame, palm fruit, palm kernel, and more.

These raw materials originate from various regions, each possessing unique characteristics. 

  • China boasts abundant reserves of sesame, rapeseed, and peanut/groundnut.

  • Nigeria is known for its ample groundnut production,

  • while Ethiopia yields plentiful quantities of sunflower and cottonseed.
  • Indonesia, on the other hand, is rich in rice bran. These raw materials are cultivated in numerous countries.
  • However, palm fruit trees require specific conditions, thriving only within the latitude range of 5-15 degrees. Consequently, regions such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, Congo, and Colombia are ideal for palm fruit tree growth.

Customized Cooking Oil Manufacturing Equipment for Your Raw Materials

different cooking oil materials
Cooking Oil Processing Raw Materials
As we all know, the oil content within each raw material varies significantly, ranging from 15% to 60%. Raw materials with an oil content exceeding 30% are considered high oil content materials, whereas those below 30% are classified as low oil content materials. 
  • High-oil-content raw materials: sunflower, peanut/groundnut, rapeseed, corn germ, sesame, and palm kernel. 

  • Low-oil-content raw materials: soybean, rice bran, and cottonseed. 

Due to the discrepancies in oil content and characteristics among the different raw materials, specific technologies and machinery are required for their processing during cooking oil manufacturing. 
Customers sometimes express the desire to produce multiple types of cooking oil using a single machine. In response, it should be noted that high oil-content raw materials typically undergo pretreatment, pre-pressing, and solvent extraction methods, whereas low oil-content raw materials are directly used in the refining method after the pretreatment. Additionally, each raw material necessitates different pretreatment machines for processing. Please consult us for the specific oil mill design proposal.

If two or three raw materials need to be processed in the same line, ABC Machinery is able to design the appropriate solution. Our engineers can design a different pre-treatment line for each raw material to ensure compatibility with shared cooking oil presses. Get a free price for your equipment and more details, please don't hesitate to ask us for a quotation!

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